Technical writing services to help your brand easily connect

What is technical writing and why is it needed?

Whenever a businesses introduces an innovative new product or service to the market, it can take a while before people fully catch on. When Alexander Graham Bell first invented the telephone, people doubted it would be much more than a fun little novelty. When computers were first introduced to the public, critics doubted there would be much of a market for them at all. 

One of the biggest challenges of introducing innovation is getting the public understand clearly what it is. If your business has something new to offer, it can take a lot of work to help them see it for its benefits. 

This is where technical writing comes in. 

We help your audience embrace innovation 

We work closely with your team to understand high-level concepts, whether it’s blockchain or a complex dietary plan. This way, we can connect your designers’ and engineers’ goals with your audience’s perspective. When that's done, our team uses our years of experience writing copy to understand how to make info about your product/service understandable for the average consumer. Finally, we conduct additional research to back your brand message with facts, figures, and statistics.

The Bookshelf PH team also has years of experience with technical writing, distilling all sorts of concepts such as blockchain and even air-conditioning systems. 

When you create engaging, easy-to-understand content on technical subjects, it positions your brand as a go-to for key insights and a leader in its industry. Brilliant technical writing turns your brand from just another voice trying to promote itself in the market to an authority everyone looks to. 


Go above the jargon

We make sure that all of our outputs are concise, easy to understand, and most importantly, factually accurate. Bookshelf PH writers avoid flowery language and the overuse of technical jargon wherever possible, cutting straight to what your brand wants its audience to understand.

We'll work with you to first make sure we have a good understanding of the products or services you're offering. Ensuring we have this knowledge allows us to break down complex information. We'll then craft the content to match your brand voice and make it so it's engaging enough for your target reader, working closely with your team along the way for any edits or clarifications.

We do it all

Our team understands that there's more than one way to get your message across. Our technical writing extends to just some of the following formats.

  • White papers

  • Infographics

  • Case studies

  • Reports

We'll boost your content with visual assets

We want to do whatever it takes to get your brand message across clearly. Our team of writers works closely with our team of graphic designers to create any necessary infographics, or even an audio-visual presentation for a clear-cut message.

According to a report from the Content Marketing Institute, visual content such as infographics  boost engagement – 2.3 times more than posts without visuals on Facebook and 1.5 times more for tweets. Visual content like pie charts, graphs, bar charts, and more make it that much easier to remember complex information, with images usually much memorable to our brains than just pure text. In short, not only will graphics help your readers understand the information you want to convey, but it’ll also help them remember it long after they’ve read your content.

Our graphic designers understand that it’s necessary to go balance engaging visuals with factual accuracy. They work together with our writers to ensure this balance is met and your brand’s message shines through no matter what. 

Our marketing solutions

In addition to technical writing, we offer several complimentary marketing solutions for brands and business leaders.

  • Media relations

    Put your company in front of readers as you get featured through our existing network of journalists and writers around the globe.

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  • Social media marketing

    Provide your audience with engaging content and boost your brand's following across all your social media platforms.

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  • Thought Leadership

    Take your exposure worldwide as you position yourself as a thought leader through guest articles and insights about your industry at top-tier publications.

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