Our wishlist


The Philippines is not like Silicon Valley, Wall Street, or any of the other major business hubs around the world whose perspectives currently dominate business writing. We want books that provide readers with insights into succeeding as a business leader or entrepreneur in the unique context of the Philippines, Southeast Asia, or Asia Pacific.


Knowledge is power. Knowledge is also earning power, if you read the right books. We want books that equip readers with insights into personal finance and wealth management. On an individual level, these titles improve a person’s net worth, and in the aggregate, enhance social mobility in the Philippines.


Most of the greatest Filipinos in business, politics, entertainment, sports, and other fields have surprisingly little documentation about their lives. In some cases, the most comprehensive source is just a Wikipedia entry. We want books that provide readers with the definitive account of a newsmaker’s life. 


The news cycle is full of doom-and-gloom, and no one is immune to its effects. Hearing about tragedy after tragedy will always negatively affect a person’s mental health. In much the same way, positive content improves well-being. We want books that uplift readers with stories that inspire, empower, and as the meme goes, restore your faith in humanity.