Optimizing your book printing process

The problem with book printing

Companies in book printing have the orientation of manufacturers. They take various inputs, such as paper, ink, and binding, and transform it with their expertise into a much higher value product, a book. The issue here is that their output is fundamentally a creative product, but they do not provide creative inputs as par course for the business. 

It'll be tough to find printers who proofread your copy. It'll be tough to find printers who cross-reference your submitted multimedia with how it appears on paper. It'll be tough to find printers who check your layoutting for formatting issues. And it'll be impossible to find one who provides feedback on all three fronts. The end result is that many first-time authors who choose to print their own book receive one riddled with typos, misprints, discolorations, and other issues that could have been easily avoided. 

Book printing at Bookshelf Pages

As an author, it's easy to get so immersed in your work that you auto-correct mistakes in your head, as you've reviewed your pages so many times. This is fine when you're doing the initial drafts of your book, but not fine when it comes time to print. A printed book is permanent. You cannot go back and fix typos - unless you plan to shell out for the full cost of another reprinting.

When it comes to book printing, authors need a last line of defense. Bookshelf Pages serves this role, supervising a manuscript into print. In this capacity, we liase with your printer of choice across three key fronts, including editorial, design, and production. You are unburdened of dealing with your book printer and you end up with a much better designed, written, and executed book. There are several distinct advantages to using this managed service.

We approach book printing through the lens of user experience.

There are many moving parts when it comes to producing a book, including the cover design, multimedia, writing, editorial, layoutting, and more. In this kind of environment, it's easy to focus on one element at the exclusion of others.

Despite this natural tendency, we take a fully integrated approach when it comes to taking your book to print. We meticulously review every element, knowing that the sucess of each is interdependent with the others. We aim to create a seamless, engrossing experience for your readers.

We prioritize good design in our book printing.

People do judge a book by its cover. This is all the more true in today's world, where people are accustomed to picking albums on Spotify and shows on Netflix on the strength of their covers.

It's tough to stand out when every other piece of content is calling out for your attention, but we don't shy away from this challenge. We prioritize attractive, modern design from cover to cover, so that all readers are invited into the world of the author, especially those who may be new to the genre at hand.

We bring you to the world in both print and digital.

It's easy to find printers. It'a also easy to find vendors who will convert your manuscript into an ebook. It's very uncommon to find an organization who will do both, which seems odd. Wouldn't you want a consistent experience for readers across print and digital? How off-putting would it be for your readers to love the book, but be unable to read through a poorly executed e-book when they try to reread?

At Bookshelf Pages, we can handle the print publication of your book as well as its digital conversion, maintaining the highest standards of excellence across both.

Hybrid publishing services

In addition to managing the printing of your book, we offer several complimentary editorial solutions for authors and brands via Bookshelf Pages.

  • Writing

    Transform your brilliant idea into a fully realized book through our writing service.

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  • Editing

    Get your manuscript polished and print-ready with our developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

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  • Publishing

    Take your book from concept to product through our end-to-end editorial and design work.

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