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Internships at Bookshelf PH

What is your internship program like?

We’ve modeled the internship program after the best experiences we had as college students and young professionals. There is thus no shadowing, photocopying, coffee-fetching, or other menial tasks. We have our interns jump right in and perform real work, supported by our close guidance and mentorship.

What kind of interns are you looking for?

Bookshelf PH is on a mission to bring the best of Filipino writing to more readers in the Philippines. As such, we are looking for college students who are passionate about reading, writing, and the digital economy.

Is your internship remote or on site?

As of 2022, our internship program remains fully remote due to the ongoing pandemic and new normal.

What schools have you had interns from?

We've proudly hosted interns from UP, ADMU, DLSU, UST, FEU, UA&P, CIIT, and more.

How do you apply?

Please apply by sending your resume, relevant portfolio, and cover letter to, and we’ll respond within 1 business day.

What are your focus areas?

Interns can focus on writing, design, business development, public relations, or content marketing.

Develop your portfolio as a marketing intern through creative work in our nationally published books.

There are many opportunities to gain recognition in our masthead, including in writing, editorial, design, and research.

Enhance your career profile by learning skills in book publishing, e-commerce, or both.

In addition to marketing, there are many other areas that interns can focus on, including everything from content acquisition and editorial development to graphic design and public relations.

Magnify your impact through books that make a difference.

All our first and third-party titles try to affect positive  change for their respective audiences, so you  contribute to nation-building the Philippines.

What our intern alumni say

"The three months I spent with Bookshelf PH was full of exciting events and experiences that made me realize my potential. During my internship, I had tasks that would require both technical and creative skills. With the help of Bookshelf PH, I was able to enhance my skills and discover more about myself."

~Leanne Tria, marketing and multimedia intern from DLSU Manila

"Bookshelf PH truly provided a well-rounded internship experience. My supervisor and everyone else in the company allowed me to grow as an individual, honing my writing skills through their hands-on tasks. Being part of Bookshelf PH doesn’t only prepare you to be part of the workforce, but it makes you excited to be working."

~Gabbie Ruiz, writing intern from UA&P

"My internship at Bookshelf PH is one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life. They provided me knowledge and guidance which helped me improve not only as an intern but also as an artist. My manager and colleagues created a warm environment that enabled me to learn and grow and also offered doors to explore with the projects they provided. Lastly, at the end of every day, Bookshelf PH never fails to provide feedback and acknowledge your work."

~Joel John F. Torremonia, graphic design intern from FEU Tech

"Bookshelf PH helped me to branch out my inner potential through giving me opportunities and projects I could call my own. They gave me the confidence and self-esteem to interact and expand my connections through various authors and companies as well. In Bookshelf PH, I learned skills such as SEO, Photoshop, social media advertisements, online shop management, and many more. I am super grateful that I have become a part of this team and will treasure the memories and experience I’ve spent during my time in Bookshelf PH."

~Sebastien Luis Salvador, sales and operations intern from DLSU Manila

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