What Bookshelf Pages can help with

As a hybrid publisher, we provide a selection of editorial and publication services for authors and brands.

  • Publishing

    Take your book from concept to product through our end-to-end editorial and design work.

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  • Writing

    Transform your brilliant idea into a fully realized book through our writing service.

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  • Editing

    Get your manuscript polished and print-ready with our developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

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  • Design

    Produce a beautifully designed, inviting book with a variety of multimedia through our artistic support.

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  • Printing

    Ensure that your book is world class in its design through our managed printing service.

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  • Public relations

    Get your book featured in publications through our existing network of journalists and writers around the globe.

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Why work with Bookshelf Pages

We can assist you with any part of book production or marketing, or handle the end-to-end process of turning your brilliant idea into a fully-realized book.

Get to market quickly.

Most writers take a year or more to help their partners publish a book. Because we handle everything in-house, including everything from conceptualizing and research to interviewing and writing, we can draft a print-ready book for you in as short as one business quarter, ensuring you achieve your branding or business goals sooner. As the saying goes, time is money.

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Achieve all your objectives.

Most publishing houses are built for one goal and one goal only, and that is to sell books. Since we deal with partners for all our titles, we’re accustomed to helping them edit their books with an eye toward achieving their own primary goals, whether it’s growing their personal or company brand, generating leads for other products or services, or building authority in a particular field.

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Attract new readers and fans.

The saying is true: People do judge a book by its cover. We therefore put as much emphasis on creating inviting, beautifully designed books as we do into the content itself. We take pride in cover design, layoutting, and the multimedia, including all illustrations, photos, and data visualizations. The end result is a book that readers are proud to showcase on their bookshelf (and social media!).

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Launch with fanfare.

PR is in the DNA of Bookshelf Pages. We know how to market books—and the people behind them—to a much broader audience. Each of our books is launched with a boutique campaign, involving a combination of media seeding, on-ground events, social media marketing, and more. 

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Distribute to the world.

In addition to helping you produce your printed book, we can also create your ebook. This two-pronged strategy is convenient for customers: Readers who prefer the feel of a physical book can avail of one from brick-and-mortar bookstores or commerce. Those on the other hand who prefer ebooks can also avail of one from you, delivered instantaneously via our best-in-class digital rights management. You give your readers the freedom of choice.

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Focus on your core expertise.

The vast majority of experts, thought leaders, and newsmakers we work with are not writers or publishers by trade. Rather than try to learn the ins and outs of the book publishing industry, they entrust the entirety of their book's production and marketing to us. That way, they can focus on sharing their core expertise, all while gaining a book that advances their personal brand.

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