Sharpening your social media marketing

You know you need to be active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. But the constantly changing features and algorithms of these platforms makes it hard to stand out. 

Our team uses a data-driven approach to determine the best ways for your brand to create a lasting impression online. We’ll determine which platform is right for you, what kind of content you should be creating, and even when you should be posting.

Our social media marketing strategy focuses on forging lasting connections with your target audience. We understand that consumers don’t want to just be sold a product - they want to be entertained with captivating content that will endear them to your brand. At Bookshelf PH, we leverage our expertise in storytelling to take your brand story and create content that connects. 

This approach is grounded in the fact that study after study has shown that social media posts that “entertain” and “inspire” are more likely to be shared and liked by consumers than those that feature product discounts and offerings. People, in short, want brands that they can connect with and they can relate to. The findings only emphasize what consumers want online: stories that matter.

Our social media marketing stays on trend.

Social media marketing is ever changing. What was once popular yesterday could be blasé today. This truism applies both to the channels and platforms themselves, as well as the content types that run on them.

In this kind of environment, you need a team that is adaptable and agile. You cannot expect strong results, after all, in simply following what other brands are doing and where they are doing it. You need to not only lead the conversation, but how it's being done.

We create content for the following platforms.

And we're always early adopters when it comes to embracing new channels - while you can gain the most from them.

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Tiktok

  • LinkedIn

  • Snap

  • Quora

  • Reddit

Our social media marketing makes you look good.

Social media is the nexus of many different disciplines, including everything from writing and photography to design and video. With so many different functions involved, it's easy to get overwhelmed. A brand, for example, can have strong copyrighting on social, but roll out accompanying visuals that weaken your credibility.

At Bookshelf PH, we live by the idea that you are as only as strong as your weakest link on social. We therefore do not strive for excellence in just one area of content creation. We aim to push the boundaries in each individual discipline and how they are packaged to represent your brand. You should shine in every shape and form.

Our social media marketing sells.

Many brands end up creating a variety of content on social media simply because their competitors are doing the same. This is an easy trap to fall into. You should not just exist on social. There needs to higher level thought and strategy on how to convert your social media fans into loyal customers.

At Bookshelf PH, every piece of content is oriented toward ultimately generating value for you and your business. We don't boast about vanity metrics that fail to move the needle, in other words. We make a meaningful and quantifiable difference.

Our marketing solutions

In addition to social media marketing, we offer several complimentary marketing solutions for brands and business leaders.

  • Media relations

    Put your company in front of readers as you get featured through our existing network of journalists and writers around the globe.

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  • Content marketing

    Produce the regular content you need to engage your followers, turn them into leads, and convert them into customers.

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  • Thought leadership

    Take your exposure worldwide as you position yourself as a thought leader through guest articles and insights about your industry at top-tier publications.

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