About Chloe Gaw

Chloe is a freelance illustrator who is currently she is finishing her undergrad studies as an information design student of the Ateneo de Manila university. She is known for her vibrant and eye-catching illustrations and has created illustrations for book covers, magazines, games, and template use. One of her most notable clients is Canva, a tech and design company who makes design accessible for everyone. Additionally, she contributed to books such as The Evangelist, the 50, and Creative innovation, which were featured in some newspaper websites such as ABS-CBN. You can see more of her works on Instagram @cg.creatrix

  • Distinguished artist

    Chloe Gaw has contributed final art to a published book at Bookshelf PH.

  • Internationally recognized

    Chloe Gaw's work has been featured in local and global media.

  • Certified bestseller

    Chloe Gaw's work has been officially recognized as a bestselling book in the Philippines.

Chloe Gaw's work

Chloe Gaw has served as the layout artist for Fearless Filipinas:12 Women Who Dared to Be Different, The 50: HR Leaders Reimagining the Filipino Organization, The Evangelists : Insights from Leaders of the Nation's Most Beloved Brands

As featured in

  • BusinessWorld

  • Esquire

  • Manila Bulletin