Fearless Filipinas Gathered for Bookshelf PH’s Bestseller Sequel Amplifying More Women's Stories

Fearless Filipinas Gathered for Bookshelf PH’s Bestseller Sequel Amplifying More Women's Stories

Fearless Filipinas II: 24 Women Who Dared to Dream features women highlighting their narratives of adversities, achievements, and advocacies in an exciting sequel. This anthology gathers life stories from writers, entrepreneurs, journalists, advocates, athletes, artists, models, and many more from the Philippines and overseas. The book features a foreword from PeopleAsia’s Editor-in-chief Joanne Mae Ramirez and an afterword from Chairman and CEO, Head of People of KPMG R.G. Manabat & Co. Sharon G. Dayoan. 

Launched last June 29, 2022, at Manila House BGC, Taguig, about 50 guests from prominent backgrounds joined in at the fire-side chat presenting 2 live panel discussions with some of the featured women. Held inside the Avenue Bar’s intimate space, a custom snack menú welcomed the guests alongside complementary drinks. 

The panel touched on topics such as feminism, prevalent discrimination against women in the workplace and different sectors of society, and what makes the modern Filipina fearless. 

Katya Lichauco, one of Fearless Filipinas II writers, moderated the event’s first panel composed of veteran broadcast journalist Ces Drilon, OHMAGOSH CEO Hershey Hilado, Talang Dalisay founder Macy Lee, and beauty queen and author Zara Carbonell.

Regarding developments in feminism in the country, Macy Lee mentioned the intersectionality of the Filipina, particularly on sexuality and gender. She said, “It’s June. It’s Pride month and with Pride, we celebrate love and identity and the uniqueness of every single person.”

“...[A] prominent problem for teenagers nowadays is finding out ‘How do I open up about this to myself? How can I be honest to myself?’” Macy Lee continued, “...because we live in a conservative society. How can I be honest with who I truly am…without judgment?”

For the second round, Contributor Mica Magsanoc orchestrated the flow for the next panel composed of ICanServe Foundation founder Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala, Color Manila co-founder Justine Cordero, award-winning Rappler journalist Pia Ranada, comic book artist Rian Gonzales, and Kids for Kids Philippines founder Tasha Tanjutco.

Pia Ranada’s answer to if she had encountered barriers to success in her field because of her gender, “In journalism,  it’s really not so much male-dominated but we cover a lot of people in power who tend to have outdated views about women empowerment. They would comment on our appearance when we ask questions during press conferences, which they wouldn’t do if it was a male reporter asking the question.” 

When asked about how they continually find ways to improve themselves, Justine Cordero answered, “I got this from my guru, the late Eduardo Morato. He told us to make ourselves obsolete every day. Basically, making yourself a better version of yourself every day. I don’t want to commit the same mistakes because those mistakes, obstacles, [and] challenges are there for you to learn, to be better.”

The Fearless Filipinas featured in the book were also asked to answer a question that would capture the spirit of the event: “What makes a Fearless Filipina?”

“A Fearless Filipina is unafraid to forge her own path, not to be limited by what others have done before but to open new roads,” veteran broadcast journalist Ces Drilon answered. 

For Tasha Tanjutco, it is someone “that leads with both head and heart, someone that has compassion but also fiery passion to continue forward with all the challenges that we face as women.”

The book also features relevant stories from tennis player Alex Eala, filmmaker Antoinette Jadaone, Philippine women’s national team footballer Cam Rodriguez, TV and film Director Cathy Garcia-Molina, pediatrician Dr. Fe Del Mundo, Trick Mirror author Jia Tolentino, Disney animator Josie Trinidad, Kim King’s Kitchen owner Kim King, Miss World 2013 Megan Young, racecar driver Michele Bumgarner, Filipino Googler Network co-founder Regina Manzana-Sawhney, Romulo Café owner Rowena Romulo, rapper Ruby Ibarra, veteran broadcast journalist Vicky Morales-Reyno, and women’s rights advocate Yasmin Busran-Lao. 

In line with the event’s theme of empowerment, Bookshelf PH initiated a book drive program for one of its partner schools, Assumption Centers of Transformative Education, nurturing passion and interest for reading in the younger generation. 

Along with Katya Lichauco and Mica Magsanoc, the book was written by the prolific Co-Authors Monica Padillo, and Pancho Dizon, with Contributor Veno Centeno, and Copyeditors Ma. Gabrielle A. Ruiz and Jose Miguel Fianza. Mio Borromeo served as the Editor-in-Chief and Kyle Nate as the Deputy Editorial Director. For the design team, John Dave Isono is this sequel’s Cover Artist, Layout Artist, and Art Director alongside Millan Astudillo as Illustrator and Chloe Gaw as Assistant Illustrator. 

This follow-up to the Fearless Filipinas series from Bookshelf PH, a Philippine book publisher that helps self-published authors and brands reach more audiences, continues to amplify more voices into the scene. Chime in into the following discussions. Who knows, you might be the next Fearless Filipina. 

Grab your copy of Fearless Filipinas II here: https://tinyurl.com/5byc5vwa


Written by Lance Jester Zafe

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