Bookshelf PH Partners with PaperKat Books!

Bookshelf PH Partners with PaperKat Books!

PaperKat Books (PKB) Partnership

Bookshelf PH-PaperKat Books Partnership to Support Local Authors

Every writer dreams of crafting meaningful books for readers to enjoy. For self-published authors, looking for platforms to promote and sell their books can make this dream feel a little challenging.

To further support these writers, Bookshelf PH has partnered with PaperKat Books (PKB), a Philippine company that offers end-to-end self-publishing services. Through the partnership with PKB, Bookshelf PH provides another platform for aspiring local authors to promote and sell their books. Readers can now find a landing page on the Bookshelf PH website that features PKB’s exciting catalogue of published books and authors. 

With the many processes that come with book production, PKB empowers local authors by offering manuscript editing, book printing, consultation, and book launching services. PKB also mentors aspiring writers to take on these roles themselves, teaching them to edit, design, self-publish, and sell their books in their All-in Self-Publishing & Mentoring Program. PKB has collaborated with a wide range of authors on book projects across various genres, including Ric Eldrid Pabico’s Nobody’s Adventure I and II, KC Mempin’s Always Be Chic by Miss Kayce, and many more.

As an online bookstore, it is the mission of Bookshelf PH to bring the best of Filipino books to local readers. Bookshelf PH continues this mission through the partnership with PaperKat Books, whose self-publishing offerings continue to make the dreams of many local authors a reality. 

Check out the rest of PaperKat Books’ and services for self-publishing writers here.

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