The Finishers: Learn First-hand from the Philippine Founders Who Willed Their Startup from Idea to Exit
If you want to build a business in the Philippines, you should learn from our nation’s most successful founders. The Finishers collects 11 first-hand stories of entrepreneurs who managed to scale their tech startup and exit via acquisition.

What You'll Learn in The Finishers
Product Development

Customer Acquisition

Scaling Your Startup

Negotiating the Acquisition

Succeeding Post-Acquisition
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Praise for The Finishers

"People love success stories. And at startup events, founders usually talk about how they built their startup, giving you a better understanding of what entrepreneurs are willing to do in order to succeed. Fortunately, there is a book out locally that focuses on startup success: The Finishers"

By Whatshappening.PH

"So if you have a dream, go for it! The Finishers, by author Ezra Ferraz, will help you stay motivated and inspired throughout your start-up journey. It will give you a glimpse into the life that you will have and a peek into a life that you can have."


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