Perfecting your content marketing

The problem with some content marketing agencies

Many content marketing agencies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, the Philippines, and other markets in Asia Pacific take a quantity over quality approach. They'll produce as many blogs as possible, stuff them with every keyword they came across in their research, and populate them with a dizzying array of internal and external backlinks.  

This kind of approach backfires, of course. While the content marketing agency may have set out to create content optimized for search engines, they end up producing writing that no actual person would want to read. Who has the patience to go through an awkwardly written article?  

A content marketing strategy that gets it right 

Quality should still reign supreme in content marketing. This execution may strike some as counter-intuitive, given how competitive search results are for every industry - people naturally think that the more content they have, the better their chances are to rank for relevant terms.

People have to overcome this assumption. A single piece of well-written, highly shareable content is worth exponentially more than any word soup. At Bookshelf PH we produce the blogs, articles, infographics, ebooks, white papers, and other content essential to your content marketing. These are optimized for search engines, and more importantly, reflect the higher level craftsmanship that gets people to read, share, or inquire. There are several distinct advantages to this quality-over-quantity approach.

Our content marketing gets you discovered online.

It goes without saying that people begin their search for any product or service online. We create content that surfaces you and your organization to the top of these highly competitive search results.

In addition to already popular search terms, we also peek around corners to determine what will soon be in demand keywords, so you can start to rank for them. With our help, you will literally stand above your competitors.

Our content marketing educates your customers.

The best content marketing functions not only as a discovery portal, but also as a means of self-service. You want customers to be able to educate themselves about your product or service. This education reduces the amount of time you have to spend on business development by bringing leads to you when they're most ready.

But educational content can be tricky. We help you strike the delicate balance between providing enough knowledge to showcase your expertise, while still ensuring they approach you directly at the just the right time.

Our content marketing produces real world success.

There are plenty of websites with decent content marketing. They get you to visit and click around, but the action stops there. You don't explore their product or service in any meaningful capacity.

In the case of content marketing, sufficient doesn't cut it. It's not valuable to be just good at bringing traffic in. What business leader wants pageviews for the sake of pageviews? We measure the success of our content marketing on its ability to propel people into real world action.

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Our marketing solutions

In addition to content marketing, we offer several complimentary marketing solutions for brands and business leaders.

  • Media relations

    Put your company in front of readers as you get featured through our existing network of journalists and writers around the globe.

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  • Social media marketing

    Provide your audience with engaging content and boost your brand's following across all your social media platforms.

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  • Thought leadership

    Take your exposure worldwide as you position yourself as a thought leader through guest articles and insights about your industry at top-tier publications.

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