About the Author

People who have known Gresson know her as the shy and quiet type. It was time for her to awaken to her full potential. Through the process of spiritual awakening, Gresson has found herself and has maintained that balance by working with energy.

Gresson thought she had to hide her Filipino identity because of people’s opinions around her. She was always perceived as “too much.” During her healing journey, she discovered that she inherited the Filipino energy. She resonated more with the Filipino culture and values. She managed to turn her pain into purpose and realized she didn’t have to hide her true identity anymore. She learned how to embrace her loving, caring and intense energy. We all should be able to be our true selves, and find our own uniqueness and create our own path.

Why read Sharing My Light & Healing Energy?

A guide to use your past trauma to create a better future.

Do you feel stuck in life? Do you wonder why you keep attracting the same jobs, situations, people, etc in your life? Are you looking for a way out of it? It probably is because you still have childhood trauma to process. It has to do with limited beliefs and patterns that have been stored subconsciously. Many people are scared to face their trauma and insecurities.

What if it doesn't have to be hard and scary at all? We have to move past social conditioning in order to unlock our full potential and true selves. If you do this, a whole new beginning and abundance are waiting for you. This book is going to be your best friend and guide along your journey, giving you a full idea of how a healing journey can be experienced positively.

Detecting the energy blockages to attract and create abundance.

Want to become a master manifester in life? Taking care of your energy will give you more awareness on where you are blocking yourself and how to remove these blocks.

Self-care is not only eating, drinking and sleeping enough. It’s also about taking care of our mental health. Read this book to find out how to protect your energy because it can get drained from time to time. It’s important to pay attention to what is draining you and move to a higher vibration.

A fulfilling life starts from within

Are you tired of all those voices around you that seem to take over your life? What about your own voice? We often forget to listen to our own inner knowingness. Sometimes you need to take a moment alone and focus on what you want in life. Only your soul knows. Dare to follow your own voice and end up finding your life purpose and a fulfilling life. The only source of happiness and fulfillment is within. You don't go looking for answers externally. It's the social conditioning that makes us think that we need to look for happiness outside ourselves, however, this isn't true. Learn how to get comfortable with yourself by reading this book.


When I first met Gresson she came across as a friendly person, but she has allowed other people’s opinions to matter more and she prioritized other people before herself which at first I didn't understand. Later I began to understand why Gresson was the way she was back then. Gresson has been through a lot. 

After Gresson had worked through her blockages, she transformed from a caterpillar into a butterfly. She had gained confidence, she stood in her own power and she trusted herself. Gresson began to show the person who I knew she was all along but was hiding. She began to shine, inspire and move me and others. Wow, what a beautiful pure soul she is! Gresson’s purity has brought the best out in herself and suddenly after an amount of time her energy became like a sunbeam that kept on shining. She never allowed others to take that away again. 

Gresson’s book shows what she has accomplished the last year. Every word is written with an energy of self-acceptance from within which will certainly touch and inspire the reader to be yourself with confidence and be proud no matter what happens. Let your light shine and never let it get dimmed by others. 

Gresson, I am so proud of you and happy you have opened up and shared your journey with me! 

- Helan Ibrahim

Sharing my light was one of the books I picked up after my awakening and the only one I haven’t put down yet. It’s everything I have been going through. I am laughing at the synchronicity of it and crying at the connections. It’s beautifully written. It gives me the messages I need to continue my journey to enlightenment.

The book slowly became a part of my daily meditation routine as the synchronicities set in and the author’s words began to speak to me about my thoughts, emotions and inspiration while reading. Gresson did more than sharing her story. I could feel her warm, beautiful energy through the book. I also felt some pain she had to overcome to get where she is now and that part that inspired me.

- Hayley Rios

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