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Sharing my Light & Healing Energy: Journey to True Self

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I wanted to share my journey through self-discovery. Everyone has their own story to tell and their own pace of growth. I just wanted to show that it's possible for people to transform their lives on all levels! One can do so much with a change of mindset and finding a way past their own blocks. Everything fell into place once I started to pay more attention to the signs and synchronicities. Lucky me, I found a way to open up to my intuition, which led me to unlock, heal and reconnect to my inner child. Then I learned Reiki and how to work with the energy. It's all about one thing that opens up another and a catalyst. I ended up transforming my own life, finding my life purpose and my authentic self. Everyone has the chance to create the life that they want if they move out of their comfort zone and work through their ego and fears. Who doesn't want a balanced and harmonious life? Use the wisdom I have shared and the reflection pages to find out how!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anna Leah Luna-Raven
an Honest Chronicle and Valuable Guide to Healing Oneself

This book was written with so much openness and passion, I loved it! No holds barred on this one, it was an easy read and I totally connect with it.

I am only halfway through it, but already gaining a lot of beneficial insights into Gresson's story, and how her healing methods and strategies may help myself as well.

I especially love the exercises that she provides at the end of each chapter, and makes me want to delve into my own experiences, and apply her advice especially around meditation.

Overall, I highly recommend this book for those who are on a similar path, or wanting to understand someone else's journey.

R.P. Heaven
A unique guide to meaning, spirituality and symbolism

It was a great pleasure to read such a deep and inspiring journey of the "Self" in a world of superficial and aimless events and stories. Gresson Peiffer has gone through so much, but she has always found her path to take things in the most positive and constructive way.

Gresson is a rare human being being these days; a rare author who grabs you with her own vulnerable story in a matter of seconds. The flow of her book immerses you in the eerie realm of philosophy, spirituality, mythology and symbolism, and you go deeper and deeper like Alice in Wonderland as you turn the pages.

Sharing My Light & Healing Energy is not just a personal story shared well; it's a manual for the right way of living. It's a guidebook with a real healing power, a practical approach to spirituality, soul healing and more.

I am blessed to make my acquaintance with Gresson and to share so many commonalities and synchronicities. It was indeed a refreshing thing to see that both of our debut books share the same 'spirit', the same 'light' that got us inspired individually.

It turned out that my book Awakening ignited is almost like a twin of Sharing my light & healing energy, only spoken from another perspective, with other words, but with the same positive and healing tone.

Our books & inspirations brought us together and I can't be happier to recommend MY FRIEND's book Sharing my light & healing energy, as it is food for the soul: something that all of us need more than we realise these days.

With much love,
R.P. Heaven
Published author