End-to-end publishing assistance

How do you publish a book? 

How do you publish a book? This is a question that industry leaders and newsmakers across Asia Pacific often think about, given the advent of self-publishing. But the celebration of self-publishing overlooks one major fact: For every successful self-published author, there are thousands of writers who took the same route to no effect. 

Who can blame them? When it comes to self-publishing, there are so many different new skills you may have to learn beyond just writing, including everything from cover design, layoutting, and printing to public relations, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. You set out to write a book, but you end up struggling to become a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.

Partnership publishing at Bookshelf PH 

Rather than struggle mastering everything you need to know to publish, print, and publicize your book on your own, you can turn to Bookshelf PH, a hybrid publisher. We can help with the end-to-end execution of your book, beginning from conceptualization and culminating all the way at your book’s launch and marketing activities. We are your one-stop shop if you want to bring your book to life.  

For our partnership publishing, we focus on business leaders and newsmakers who wish to author a non-fiction book. In our experience, this is the author persona who can expect a return in the form of business growth, personal branding, and other key benefits.