About Gresson Peiffer

Gresson was born in Belgium and grew up as a mixed-raced woman. She always felt more connected to the Philippine as she is half Filipina, half Belgian. She has an office job as a profession but has always known that she had a bigger role to play in this world. She is convinced she is able to teach something, inspire and motivate others. She had to learn valuable lessons first in order to get to her own wisdom and inner power. The time has come to share the knowledge and wisdom through her own experience and to step into her life purpose.

People who have known Gresson know her as the shy and quiet type. It was time for her to awaken to her full potential. Through the process of spiritual awakening, Gresson has found herself and has maintained that balance by working with energy.

In our lives we get tested many times, and Gresson found out that she has always been guided by the Universe in everything she did. She knows that everything has happened the way it was supposed to, the bad things included. Those challenges have turned her into the person she is today.

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Gresson Peiffer is the author of Sharing My Light & Healing Energy: Journey to True Self.

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