The Creative Innovation Launchpad: Building A Culture of InnovationThe Creative Innovation Launchpad: Building A Culture of Innovation
Innovation has become a buzzword. Companies launch efforts to “innovate” just to say that they are doing so. Tech entrepreneur Mario Domingo argues that organizations need to return to creative innovation—innovation designed for achieving a business goal—and lays out a comprehensive methodology for exactly that.  

What You'll Learn in The Creative Innovation Launchpad
Leading innovation from the top-down


Pitching to stakeholders
Design thinking

Digital transformation

Creating an innovation hub
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About Mario Domingo

Mario Domingo has founded several successful artificial intelligence companies over the last several years while spending nearly 30 years in a corporate environment. He continues to work in the areas of fintech, media, healthcare, and development. He is the founder of DARC Labs, an AI-healthcare tech R&D center where they work on imaging and genomics diagnostics. He is also the Director of the Ateneo Institute for Digital Enterprises where he shares his knowledge in innovation, design, agile, and various courses to help enterprises in digital transformation. He spent many years in telecom and the defense and manufacturing technologies in the United States.

Praise for The Creative Innovation Launchpad

"All praise to Doctor Mario Domingo’s new book: The Creative Innovation Launchpad. The timing couldn’t be better because the country is currently facing a great recession brought by the pandemic. Countless workers lost their jobs, small businesses shattered."

By Aaron Cajes

"Domingo draws on his years of experience having founded several successful artificial intelligence companies and his continued work in fields such as fintech and healthcare. This book represents Domingo’s first foray into writing, and in fact came about on a dare."

By Newbytes.PH

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