about the book

Big Deal: Volume I is an anthology of works from different individuals that center around the struggles of Gen-Z and Millennial Filipinas. These stories and artworks illustrate the plurality of women’s voices, likewise celebrating the myriad of ways there are to tell a story. Big Deal hopes to recognize women’s talents, and slowly build an archive that emphasizes and highlights experiences unique to Filipinas.

Take part in a movement. 

Big Deal is not only a book, but an initiative to highlight some of the issues that Filipinas face, 

such as discrimination, prejudice, harassment, 

and more.  

build your network.

Since Big Deal is a springboard into a larger discussion on women’s issues, you can meet

like-minded Filipinas and allies.

Make an impact on your community.

A portion of proceeds from Big Deal will go to CRIBS Foundation, a residential facility for abandoned or surrendered babies as well as sexually abused young girls in Manila.

it is a big deal.

The Filipina voices of this generation deserve to be heard.