The Marketing Hierarchy of Help

The Marketing Hierarchy of Help

The Evangelists’ Chapter 28, entitled: “The Marketing Hierarchy of Help'' featuring Miggy Azurin, the Managing Partner of Huskee Digital.

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The following is an excerpt from The Evangelists: Insights from Leaders of the Nation’s Most Beloved Brands. Written by Pancho Dizon, this chapter is titled “The Marketing Hierarchy of Help.” In it, Miggy Azurin, the Managing Parter of Huskee Digital, is interviewed about how the organization executes its strategy in social media marketing.   

Providing a Great Customer Experience through Engagement

Insights on marketing can come from anywhere, but if there’s one place you’re pretty  much guaranteed to get a good look at marketing that strategy that works, then look no further than Huskee Digital. The inbound marketing agency has helped businesses grow  through marketing campaigns that put the customer first and generate valuable leads for  their clients. Today, Huskee Digital is a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, and serves  companies all over the Philippines and abroad.  

Managing Partner Miggy Azurin is one of the brains behind Huskee Digital’s recent success. The Ateneo de Manila University graduate has racked up extensive experience “failing” in various startups before finding his sweet spot in marketing. There was even a three-year  period where he worked as a lecturer at his beloved alma mater, teaching students about  business strategy, business environment analysis, and strategy formulation.  

The abundance of experience Azurin has under his belt has certainly taught him a thing  or two. He uses what he calls a marketing hierarchy to determine the best strategies for a client’s campaign.  

“What I’ve always believed is that all the marketing in the world cannot save a bad product  or service,” Azurin explained. “So number one on my marketing hierarchy is customer  experience. A great customer experience is the best marketing tool there is.” 

This emphasis on a great customer experience is what Azurin believes is the key to creating  engaging content that’ll draw a customer in. Insights into customer experience can help  them determine what a client’s customers are really looking for, what helps them stay with  that product or service, and much more.  

For an example of how this thinking has helped their clients in the past, Azurin pointed to social media. “Many businesses, unfortunately, think of Facebook as this magic pill where  if they open up a page then they’ll start getting attention and customers immediately,”  he said. “But sometimes it isn’t the right platform for them. You don’t have to be on all  platforms―just the one that’s best for your business.” 

He believes that a brand’s content must align with the nature of the social media platform  used. Azurin pointed out that Facebook is mainly used by people who are bored and mainly  looking to entertain themselves and thus may not be the best place to stage a direct hard sell.  

“What Facebook may be good for is applying the 80-20 principle: use 80% of the time to  inform and educate the audience, and then the other 20% to sell,” Azurin said.  

The act of informing the audience dovetails perfectly with Huskee Digital’s mission and  vision of creating more human and helpful brands. Rather than bombarding a potential customer with pressure to make a purchase, Huskee Digital wants to help their clients become more human, empathic, and thus fulfill a need in their customer’s lives.  

If a brand is able to make a customer’s life easier, it’s time to get into the second part of  Azurin’s marketing hierarchy. “I like it when a client is able to benefit from word of mouth,”  Azurin said. “When someone hears about a product or service from a friend, they’re much  likelier to trust it and act on it.” 

Recommendations can often translate into the profit margins that keep a business afloat.  Huskee Digital is proud to have done this for at least one store, a client selling women’s  shoes that they helped keep open during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I consider that one of  our most successful marketing initiatives ever,” Azurin said.  

Ultimately, the third part of Azurin’s covers the importance of digital marketing―especially  timely in the time of a pandemic. Azurin and the rest of the Huskee Digital team always  make a point of emphasizing the need to embrace digital processes, despite how challenging  it can be for clients whose processes have always been manual.  

Huskee Digital’s propensity towards going digital has even enabled them to create a  Bounce Back Blueprint, which is a set of tools, frameworks, guides posted on their website  to help businesses navigate through uncertain times. According to Azurin, the document  has been downloaded by over 300 businesses.  

In addition to the blueprint, Huskee Digital also had a series of webinars on several  marketing topics that garnered an average of 50 participants each webinar; this initiative  lasted for two months and was even able to attract a few clients, all who were interested  in gaining insight from the company on going digital. 

Overall, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Huskee Digital is successful because of Azurin’s  marketing beliefs and the marketing hierarchy he’s put forth. Both his beliefs and the  hierarchy put helping out the client at the center of the company’s marketing strategy.  

“That’s really what’s helped us get where we are,” Azurin said. “It’s marketing that isn’t just  about selling―we’re able to give something of value every step of the way.”

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