Doing More than Just Connecting

Doing More than Just Connecting

The Evangelists’ Chapter 49, entitled: “Doing More than Just Connecting'' featuring Marilyn Romero-Ventenilla of Teleperformance PH.

Introduction to Customer Engagement Strategy

The following is an excerpt from The Evangelists: Insights from Leaders of the Nation’s Most Beloved Brands. Written by Pancho Dizon, this chapter is titled “Doing More than Just Connecting.” In it, Marilyn Romero-Ventenilla, the Senior Director for Communications and Marketing of Teleperformance PH, is interviewed about how the organization executes its strategy in having true connections with your consumers.

Customers should relate to you

As a global leader in customer experience management, Teleperformance aims to effectively  bridge their business partners to their customers, creating amazing customer experiences  while supporting the growth of their partners. Present in 80 countries worldwide with over  300,000 employees in total, it’s not a stretch to say that Teleperformance is one of the  leaders in the Information Technology-Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry  today. 

The company has locations across the Philippines―15 in Metro Manila and seven in the  provinces. Considering their extensive reach and with over 24 years of continued business  growth, it’s no surprise that Teleperformance stands as one of the leading IT-BPM  companies in the country. 

However, more than being a leader in the IT-BPM space, Teleperformance also aims to be  recognized as a leader in digital integrated business services, which encompass solutions  for customer engagement, customer acquisition, data analytics, technical support, shared  services, information technology and infrastructure management and back-office services. 

“With the shifts in the way organizations do business in this remarkable period, most  processes are being primed for digital transformation,” shared Marilyn Romero-Ventenilla,  Senior Director for Communications and Marketing for Teleperformance Philippines. “So  now, we are trying to align our systems to this transformation ecosystem in the business.” 

As a leading IT-BPM company, Ventenilla shares that Teleperformance must also be at the  forefront of change in their industry. And one way the company aims to achieve this is  through continuous learning and development support for their people.  

More than serving as the connecting channel for businesses, Teleperformance creates  meaningful interactions at every possible opportunity to closely engage with clients and  their customers. Ventenilla stressed that communication is primarily a two-way street.  She and her team consider their marketing endeavors successful if their brand message is  able to connect with their audience and sustain engagement through different marketing  moments.  

“We aim to be constantly interacting, always aiming for strong and sound engagement  with the market,” she said. “And I think in terms of engagement, Teleperformance has that  opportunity to connect to a really broad audience.”  

Through the years, Ventenilla and her team have shifted most of their marketing campaigns  from traditional tri-media (television, radio, and print), turning instead to work with digital  media. Filipinos also gained attention as being one of the most social media savvy people  in the world, giving Ventenilla and her team more reasons to craft messages and marketing  experiences around this phenomenon.

Currently, Teleperformance is very active on Facebook as their main social media platform.  As people began to grow very interested in video content, Ventenilla and her team adjusted  accordingly. The amount of video content on Teleperformance’s social pages have been  increasing, and now more stories are making their way through new channels, such as  TikTok.  

Having these options available to them excites Ventenilla, she admitted. “It’s a very exciting  time for us because we now have more opportunities to get even more creative with our  campaigns,” she said. “There’s this huge space for us where we can anchor our brand on  and leverage our value proposition, especially because we have an established market  here―the socially connected Filipinos.” 

While their methods of communicating and marketing may have changed, Ventenilla  shares that she and her team still keep the same values when creating campaigns. In her  department, their priority is to establish trust with their customers. “If consumers trust  you, if the customers trust your brand, then that will pave the way for a possibly healthy  relationship between them and your brand.”  

The foundation of trust within the company, Ventenilla believes, is servant leadership  anchored on empathy. Her role puts her in a place where she must lead by example, but  also work closely with her team. This is important so she can understand how to bring out  the best in the team’s capabilities, and at the same time share with her team her learning  experiences in the project execution. She has to relate with them first before she gains  their trust, and once she has that, the team members can empower one another.  

Empathy is also essential in their marketing campaigns; as Ventenilla empathizes with her  team, they too must empathize with their target audiences. “No matter how colorful or  how glossy your campaigns are, if they do not relate to the needs of your market, then  everything you planned for will just go down the drain.”  

Showing empathy in their strategies, especially during the pandemic, has become more  important than ever. “Empathy allows us to understand not just our target market, but the  bigger environment,” she said. Having empathy also helps Ventenilla refine their messaging  tactics as seeing through their target audience’s eyes gives them an idea of what they can  expect next. “If we can manifest empathy, then our market will consider us, will look to us,  hopefully, as a brand leader with a mindset of service for the community.”

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