Uplifting Other People: Meeting Someone for a Reason

Uplifting Other People: Meeting Someone for a Reason

There are certain times in our lives that we might need a small nudge to keep us going, a little bit of faith and hope to be the glimmer of light to our existence, or perhaps some words of encouragement from those in our circle to sustain our momentum. 

Everyday, we receive messages from different people to move forward in our lives. 

Have you ever experienced the sensation of recognizing a stranger who you’ve never met before? Or perhaps you've made accidental eye contact with someone? Have you ever encountered someone and afterwards felt like you should have conveyed certain messages to them, only to coincidentally bump into them the following day?

For Gretchen Peiffer, author of “Sharing My Light and Healing Energy: Journey to True Self”, those can be indications that you are destined to cross paths with the people you meet for some purpose and that it is because there are things left to be shared. In her own words: “they are trying to tell you something.” 

Gretchen shared that she has seen those signs many times, that she too had a feeling that some people she doesn’t know well would become important to her or have a big effect on her life.

“It all starts with energy flowing from one person to another. It’s that energy which attracts me to a person.”

Gretchen recalled the time when she experienced a particular energy or connection with a person, her former colleague named Natacha, and pondered the source of it. Gretchen had a sense that her potential extended beyond what she previously believed. She had a hunch that an event was imminent, and her instincts proved her right. She said that she became intrigued with the energy she felt, which made her initiate a conversation with Natacha. It led to them exchanging perspectives. 

To Gretchen’s astonishment, the things Natacha said provided her with a broader perspective of the entirety of the situation. The knowledge that she gained from Natacha had a significant impact on her. Natacha’s presence instilled a sense of inspiration and motivation within her to strive for progress in her life, that for her it is  “a good example of sharing and uplifting others” and added that Natacha “left a huge footprint behind and I will never forget what she did.”

Maybe like Gretchen Peiffer, you’ll meet people that would give you the energy that you didn’t know you needed, a perspective that you’ve been missing, and a broader outlook on life.  There may also be those people that you would cross paths with and provide you with the solutions you were seeking. There were people that we would consider as friends that have a tendency to enter and exit our lives. There were also those people that would leech off and drain your energy, to which Gretchen Peiffer offered advice: “the key is to avoid forming emotional bonds with them or depleting your own energy by excessively giving to them.” 

Gretchen Peiffer further shared that one of the valuable knowledge she gained over having people in her life come and go is that: “putting out energy and receiving it back keeps the energy flowing. It’s like a never-ending cycle”, and it has assisted her in releasing herself from undesirable circumstances. It made her realize that being stagnant obstructs her from evolving into the individual she was destined to be. The good energy she receives from other people should also be shared by her to the people she’ll also meet, which should also be done by everyone. 

“I am grateful to so many friends. They may have hurt me, but without them I would not be standing where I am today. We should use our energy to bring out the best in each other instead of the need for control.”

Rather than seeking to control, it is wiser to utilize our energy for uplifting one another and bringing out the best in each other. Let your constant aim be to serve as a source of motivation to those who require it the most. Small gestures like smiling at other people, greeting or talking to them, lending a helping hand when needed, giving them a shoulder to cry on, or just being there for them can already mean a lot. 

There’s a famous saying by Wendy Mass that goes: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

Experiencing sadness or disillusionment in life is a common occurrence, yet it is important to note that offering appropriate words of encouragement, an ear that listens, or a hand that pats to say I’m her for you to an individual in a timely manner can have a significant impact on their life. 

“People may never understand why they meet certain individuals or go through certain circumstances, but trust me, they are all there to make you stronger and teach you lessons.”

We meet people for a reason. We may never really know for sure why, but it is certain that there are things that we receive from the people that we meet, may it be good or bad, and it teaches us a lesson that would help us to be successful in life. 

There are people that just come and go in our lives and that is okay. Let people get in and out of your life. As Gretchen Peiffer puts it: I also noticed friends moving out of my life and coming back some time later. I didn’t understand it at first but it became clear. There are two reasons:

  1. You need to grow on your own and figure some things out, like I did.
  2. We can learn from other people’s stories and after we have received the insights we need; we shouldn’t be surprised if the relationship is over.

There is a purpose to everything that happens in life, including the people we encounter and the situations we go through. They facilitate our development and guide us towards our destined path in life. Adversities are instrumental in shaping us into the kind of individual we are destined to be. And to quote Gretchen Peiffer: “It all starts with energy flowing from one person to another, and giving the other person inspiration, ideas and motivation on how to go through what they are experiencing.”


by Bianca Reyes 

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