Love, Time, and Healing Wounds

Love, Time, and Healing Wounds

How long does it take for a wound to heal?


As a child, we often experienced having a scraped knee, which can heal in a matter of days or weeks. The healing process of our scraped knee usually went by unnoticed. But as we grow older, we experience a different kind of wound that takes longer to heal and can take months, years, or even decades. The exact healing time of this wound is something that we can't even answer ourselves. 

But does time really heal all wounds? Especially the kind of wounds that can cause us pain and suffering on a deep emotional and psychological level.

In Gresson Peiffer's book, Sharing My Light and Healing Energy: Journey to True Self, Peiffer shared that the only way for time to be able to heal all wounds is by allowing love to enter our lives instead of fear. She was able to paint the reality of how being open to love can hurt us; that the process of healing your wounds can cause you pain again, but it opens the door to the possibility of the right opportunity. "Who knows, maybe the next time you try will be the right opportunity." Maybe next time, the pain will be worth it. 

What kind of fear is stopping you from loving? What kind of fear is stopping you from healing all your wounds? Is it the fear of not being good enough? the fear of being rejected? fear of failing? fear of being hurt by the same situation over and over again? That fear is hindering you from taking the risk to allow love again in your life. Peiffer explained that the love you're meant to give is hiding beneath all your wounds and scars. You can't fully heal by resisting love; you need find it⁠—to allow love to flow back into your life again.

Whenever a physical wound happens, our body springs into action to heal and repair itself. But how about our emotional wounds? Time alone does not heal our emotional wounds. Our decision to heal does. Your healing process starts with your decision to heal and overcome anything that is hindering your healing process. It is time to let your body spring into action to heal all your wounds by taking the risk to be open to love again. As Peiffer pointed out in her book, "We think we have all the time in the world. Guess what, we don't." Now is the best time to start your healing process, it may be challenging and painful, but at least you have tried and won't look back with regret with all the time you wasted.


by Elle Aboga

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