Lots of soul-searching: Flipping through Chapters of Life with Zara Carbonell

Lots of soul-searching: Flipping through Chapters of Life with Zara Carbonell

In a deeply heartfelt but fun chikahan episode of The Big Opening with Christian Foremost, Zara Carbonell candidly revealed her practical and insightful journey, aiming to become 'a little more found' amidst the twists and turns of heartbreaks and life challenges in various chapters of her life. Let's delve into Zara's words from the podcast, offering guidance for those on their own paths of soul-searching.

In life goals, "Just jump"

“Kahit gaano ka scary gagawin ko ‘yan!”

Zara revealed that, in order to attain her current state of contentment and find herself in the positive space she occupies today, she confronted each goal scared. Yes, she finds most of her dreams scary, yet she jumps with reckless abandon because she knows that her goal is bigger than her fears. When taking leaps and encountering failure, she emphasizes the universal truth that nobody begins as an expert; we all start as beginners. As cliché as it may sound, the wisdom holds true – we should courageously step out of our comfort zones to explore and test our capabilities if we can thrive in larger arenas.

In love, "Match your criteria"

“Kung anong standard mo tapatan mo!”

It's perfectly acceptable to have high standards in choosing a partner, but Zara emphasizes reciprocating the same energy you seek. As she aptly puts it, "If you want someone changing the world, ask yourself: What are you doing to change the world?" It's a call for women to set their standards and actively contribute rather than passively waiting for a prince charming’s kiss and a fairy-tale ending.

In managing moods, "Create Sensory Notes"

“Today is a good day. What are the things that I love about it?I take a minute to soak it in”

What does a perfect day look like for you? Capture that. List what you love about it, and make sure that you have a vivid image in your head that associates with that, so you can look back at it when things get tough. Having this mental snapshot acts as a powerful reminder of what truly matters and can be a source of strength during challenging times.

Zara also shared how connecting with nature positively impacts her moods. She explained that during moments of feeling unproductive, placing your desk where sunlight streams in can significantly boost your mood. Additionally, Zara emphasized the therapeutic value of walking barefoot in her house and garden. It might seem unconventional, but she believes in 'feeling the earth beneath her.' It might sound peculiar, but if it works for her then might as well give it a try, right?

However, these aren't merely checkboxes on a to-do list to validate our worthiness of success or love. We don't need to accomplish tasks to be worthy because we inherently are. Zara concludes the podcast with a quote she clung to while writing her book Lost you, Found Me: "There are no prerequisites to worthiness." It’s time to reject the notion that worthiness comes with crowns and diamonds or owning a million-dollar company. While aiming for improvement is commendable, even in the mundane victories and ordinary routine, like simply brewing our own cup of coffee, remember that we remain worthy.

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By Aljhelyn Piador

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