Are You Open to Finding You?

Are You Open to Finding You?

Discovering your true self sometimes requires navigating the depths of being lost. As children, we embrace life with open hearts and rely on others for guidance in navigating its basics. However, as we age and gain independence, we need to ask ourselves if our choices are driven by our own truth or external pressures.

To achieve authentic independence, we must shed societal expectations and influences to find our genuine selves. To truly be ourselves, we must be willing to let go and be lost at least once in our lives. Waiting for external validation may hinder personal growth.

Zara Carbonell's experience in "Lost You, Found Me" exemplifies the liberating effects of moving to a new place that gave her freedom for open exploration. Environments shape our experiences, and exploring new spaces can lead to transformative self-discovery. Visiting a place where nobody knows you can be the right thing to do.

Zara's story emphasizes the importance of courage in exploring personal interests, such as writing, music, and stage performance. To discover our truth, we must be willing to take chances and not limit ourselves based on others' expectations. Avoiding deep self-reflection is like guarding ourselves from the answers we seek. We should ask ourselves questions about our past, thoughts, and experiences. We must be brave enough to uncover parts of ourselves that we never knew existed or that may be holding us back.

In her book, Zara introduces the concept of "self-sovereignty," a state of self-awareness where our actions and words reflect our deep-seated truths and beliefs. Achieving self-sovereignty is challenging, especially for those who have been heavily influenced by others during their formative years. Self-sovereignty demands putting ourselves first, looking deep within, and resisting the limitations imposed by others' expectations. While society often teaches us to be considerate of others, achieving true self-sovereignty requires prioritizing our own needs, growth, and self-discovery.

This journey may sometimes seem lonely, but it's about crafting our own standards rather than conforming to the world's expectations. We should seek encouragement from within and prioritize our well-being and personal development. Embracing the challenge of self-discovery will help us find a richer, more authentic version of ourselves waiting to emerge.


Written by Johne Pariñas

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