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Sino Ang Dakila? Sino Ang Tunay na Baliw? Putting Mental Health in Proper Perspective

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Baliw ka! Dakila naman! Only the tito/tita generation can relate to this joke now. In the past, the word Baliw had a negative stigma associated with mental hospitals and medication. Nowadays, this word has evolved. People are now more accepting and aware that daily we all have mental health struggles that made us feel, “NOT OKAY”. Unfortunately, it is still weird to drive ourselves to the emergency room with a complaint of being angry or feeling sad.

How come when we are physically ill, we can buy over-the-counter medicine to ease our discomfort before seeking further medical assistance yet the same is not true when we are having a mental breakdown for a day or two. This reality made the majority of people suffer in silence and endure the emotional roller coaster happening in their hearts and minds.

This book contains helpful tips and life hacks to look deeper within ourselves and understand our brain and thought processing. In doing so, we can change the way our brain works and in the process change our lives for the better.

It also contains scientific and experiential discussions of the author’s journey and research toward healing herself from within. Suffering from depression and thoughts of suicide, the author studied Dr. Daniel Amen’s book, Change your Brain, Change your Life. She contextualized its lessons in a way that it can be understood by parents, working professionals, and teens for their life application.

In the end, this book is about love, life, and a spiritual journey because truly without the strengths from above, we will never be able to survive the messy world we are in right now. Written in light discussion and injected with a little spice of humor, the ultimate goal of writing this book is to help its readers know that it’s okay not to be okay and that you are not alone. Marami tayong Baliw ka! Pero dakila naman!



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