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eBook - Under The City Lights

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Things can go wrong more easily than they can go right, but sometimes it is in the midst of misfortunes we discover certain realizations, create new relationships, strengthened bonds, and have an appreciation for the little things the universe has to offer. Vina Morgan is a 20-year-old college girl with an amazing father, a strong sister, supportive best friends, and a bitch of a girlfriend. Things have been normal for Vina, and a normal occasion includes a petty fight with her petty girl over Shannon, a special girl in Vina’s life whom she never thought of as more than a best friend, but Natalia still gets extremely jealous of.

Then, one night, things went downhill when she caught her girlfriend cheating at a schoolmate’s house party, and worse, it was with someone Vina herself never expected to have betrayed her—Bailey, her childhood best friend. It started a fight that ended up badly and bloody for Bailey and a ruined night for Vina. Messed up and distraught, Vina was pulled away from the scene by this girl with the redhead she just met at the party and they went somewhere together where Vina felt this lingering sense of calm, despite being with a complete stranger. In the following days, Vina could not get over the thought of this girl with the redhead and her intoxicating ice blue eyes. She was captivated by the mere presence and the sudden feeling of home with the unnamed girl that she was extremely stoked to find out they went to the same university.

Weeks passed and they finally formed a bond—a bond that seemed inseparable—that had Vina’s heart race in joy for meeting this person who became her solace and her light. But whatever this person really was to her was what she was willing to unravel herself. They ventured the days together, sought a feeling of understanding with minds alike, they got matching tattoos, they drank on a rooftop somewhere in Florida and owned the night together. However, the euphoria quickly vanished on that night on New Year’s Eve when an extreme case of horrific deja vu came to view in front of her, and once again, she saw Bailey kissing the girl with the redhead in front of her doorstep. In that moment, Sierra Grant just broke her heart. If it weren’t for Shannon and Kyle, her two wonderful best friends; Felicity, her sister; and her father, she would not have known how to cope with the pain of betrayal.

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