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eBook - Light out of Darkness: Reflections for the Last Century

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Light out of Darkness: Reflections for the Last Century

"Who should we turn to when the world is on the verge of unseen battles, chaos, and complete destruction? 

This book shows the spiritual, societal, and global challenges that defined the last century while casting a hopeful gaze into the future. Written through the lens of biblical prophecy, personal memoirs, and a deep dive to unearth human nature, this book provides a unique blend of historical insight, spiritual wisdom, and practical guidance. It offers a compelling story about returning to spiritual integrity and embracing God's redemptive love. 

Basically, here is what I found out: We just can’t or don’t want to make time for what our soul needs. People lack the time to look at the bigger picture, to understand their lives in the lens of their creator, to examine themselves, to think, to plan, to vision cast, to grab opportunities, to commit, to be silent, to prioritize, and to balance spiritually. They lack the discernment, which caused them to be easily distracted, spiritually attacked in the mind, which led their own intellect to be compromised. It’s all a matter of reflection. The simplest are the most sublime, the simplest people in our lives can sometimes be our most important ones. The little things in the present lead to bigger things in the future. It always starts and ends in a process. The foundation makes a sturdy building. One small spark can light a dark world. Above all, we do not realize that we had forgotten Almighty God. This is the same reason I decided to write this book for whom this may concern around the world — seekers. It does not take 17 lights, but it takes more than that. These lights are just reflections of the greater light above all lights. 

As a seeker of the light, a lover of history and truth, a non-mainstreamer, and a poor sinner saved by grace, who just wants to connect all the dots and elements of reality and life together, I invite you to start with this little piece of work as the beginning or continuation of your real light journey to Jesus Christ. 

May Yeshua be the light to you in dark places, as all other lights go out.

 Will you join me?


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