eBook - Aquosvegna: The Trident of Power

eBook - Aquosvegna: The Trident of Power

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Product Description:

The Trident.

The Trident is a three-pronged spear, said to be forged from the Earth’s solid inner core. It is composed of the deadliest, most powerful elements combined with a mysterious, unknown component of the waters deep under the Mariana Trench, the source of which had always been undisclosed.

The King.

Through the Trident, the King of Aquosvegna holds dominion over all waters as well as all the creatures of it. It heeds and grants his every wish and command. The powers of the Trident are such that he can control, influence, and subdue every single drop of liquid and every organism included in his domain.

The Deception.

But when the echo of Atlantica’s Queen goes missing—a dolphin—a series of events lead to a shocking discovery: the Trident they all knew is not what it is. 

And so is the King who wields it.


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