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About  Planting Greatness

The daily news cycle tends to be filled with negative stories of crime, poverty, accidents, disasters, and other tragedies. While the Philippines has no shortage of challenges, there are just as many change-makers focused on solving them for the better. This book collates the stories of various change-makers, including corporate executives focused on CSR, social entrepreneurs, and non-profit leaders, dedicated to uplifting the nation.

This book is a must-read for anyone who wants a better Philippines, including leaders who want to learn best practices from their peers and aspiring change-makers looking for inspiration for their own unique mission.

Gain knowledge of best practices in social impact.

The diverse roster of leaders featured in Planting Greatness provide insights that cut across all fields, so you can be an effective change-maker.

Find inspiration from relentless leaders.

When you’re trying to affect change, you need stories to spark and sustain your own journey. 

Build your network of allies and supporters.

You can use Planting Greatness as a jumping off point for networking with featured leaders, who are eager to connect and collaborate with other change-makers.

Change the world today.

Magnify your impact with Planting Greatness.