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If you’re tired of money troubles, “Money Trouble Shooters: Your Clueless and Irreverent Money Questions Answered Straight by Financial Gurus” is your one-stop-shop for all your burning financial literacy questions! “Money Trouble Shooters” takes it back to the basics of personal finance. Whether it’s figuring out mutual funds or handling loans, the book isn’t afraid to give you the straight-shooting answers that’ll solve your money woes. 

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It’s not just the wisdom of one person in this book. With “Money Trouble Shooters”, readers have the luxury of getting insights from a dozen investment gurus, financial planners, entrepreneurs, and more.

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If you need a book that takes complicated finance concepts like credit and investing and puts in simple terms, you’re already at the right place!

Never Worry About Money Again

With the wealth of knowledge present in the book, you don’t just buy “Money Trouble Shooters”- -you invest in it!