Kim Lato

CEO and Founder of Kimstore

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Kim Lato’s Literary Awards and Accolades

The E-Hustle: What the Country's Best Digital Leaders Can Teach You About Launching and Growing Your Online Business

Fearless Filipinas: 12 Women Who Dared to be Different

The Evangelists: Insights From Leaders of the Nation’s Most Beloved Brands

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The editorial board of The E-Hustle: What the Country's Best Digital Leaders Can Teach You About Launching and Growing Your Online Business is proud to present this official citation to: 

Kim Lato

Founder and CEO of Kimstore

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Lending new meaning to the term ‘customer service’.

The story of Kim Lato and Kimstore serves as a shining beacon to business owners for many reasons. First, there’s the fact that Kimstore started out as many e-tailers do: just one person selling their products through the internet, hoping each day to make a crucial sale. Through sheer consistency and hard work, Kimstore is now a go-to for Filipinos looking to get the electronics they need. 

Yet Kimstore’s story is also notable for how committed it is to customer service. Whether it’s constantly coordinating with logistics providers to guarantee swift, secure delivery or pursuing software solutions that allow for better customer interaction, Kimstore values a happy customer above anything else. It’s thanks to this commitment to customer satisfaction that Lato lends various insights on the best CRM tools, the benefits of hyper-personalization, the best ways to deal with unhappy customers, and even what the future of customer service could look like. 

As the local e-commerce space grows and competition stiffens, aspiring digital entrepreneurs can always count on Kimstore’s success to show why consistently prioritizing the customer experience will never be a wrong move.

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