About John Divinagracia

John M. Divinagracia is studying BFA Creative Writing in his 4th year at Ateneo de Manila University. He is an aspiring writer who has written several short stories and published one of his novels, entitled “It’s Always Snowing in Iberia,” in the Amazon Kindle Store. Aside from being a freelance author, he is currently an English Staff Member for HEIGHTS Ateneo, and was one of the article writers for SISID: A Special Issue Folio by HEIGHTS.

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    John Divinagracia has contributed original writing to a published book at Bookshelf PH.

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    John Divinagracia's work has been featured in local and global media.

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    John Divinagracia's work has been officially recognized as a bestselling book in the Philippines.

John Divinagracia's work

John Divinagracia has served as a researcher for Fearless Filipinas: 12 Women Who Dared to Be Different and Fearless Filipinas II: 24 Women Who Dared to Dream.

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