All about Faith and Grace

Life is full of challenges, large and small.  And though we bravely face these challenges, sometimes we find that we no longer have the strength and the courage to fight and persevere.  And we are left with fear, anxiety and despair.


What we forget is that we are not alone.  We have people to lean on and a God who has the words of encouragement, inspiration and strength to help us power through our difficulties.  Our fears and anxieties about life’s hardships can transform into an excitement for what is yet to come.  All we need is to trust in God’s words and let them clear our minds and hearts of negativity.

Why read Faith and Grace Everyday

In his book Faith and Grace Everyday Devotional Book, Ray Berja provides us with a reflection on God’s words for every day of our lives.  These words will empower, inspire and encourage.  They will change our perspectives from lack to abundance, sickness to healing, drought to harvest, disappointment to breakthrough, uncertainty to certainty, sadness to joy, and from bad to good.  

And maybe, we can all have hope that with faith and with God, we can conquer all.