About Erin Liedo

Erin Maridel Liedo is currently a grade 12 student taking up Arts and Design strand at CIIT Senior High School. She is a determined and analytical person who aims to apply and measure her technical skills in a different environment, and to enhance her skills in the different aspects of the media arts industry. She has experience using Adobe Creative Cloud like Photoshop, Lightroom, Audition, etc., and layout designing with great compassion in media arts and is an attentive person to work with.

  • Distinguished artist

    Erin Liedo has contributed final art to a published book at Bookshelf PH.

  • Internationally recognized

    Erin Liedo's work has been featured in local and global media.

  • Certified bestseller

    Erin Liedo's work has been officially recognized as a bestselling book in the Philippines.

Erin Liedo's work

Erin Liedo has served as the cover artist for Panukala sa Pagkakana nang Republika nang Pilipinas, Alamat ng Ilang-ilang and Isa Pang Bayani.

As featured in

  • BusinessWorld

  • Esquire

  • Manila Bulletin