About Diane Redeña

Diane Kirsten Redeña is a junior high school graduate from Don Alejandro Roces Sr. Science-Technology High School, and currently a grade twelve (12) student at CIIT Senior High School and taking up Media and Visual Arts.

  • Distinguished artist

    Diane Redeña has contributed final art to a published book at Bookshelf PH.

  • Internationally recognized

    Diane Redeña's work has been featured in local and global media.

  • Certified bestseller

    Diane Redeña's work has been officially recognized as a bestselling book in the Philippines.

Diane Redeña's work

Diane Redeña has served as a contributing illustrator for Fearless Filipinas: 12 Women Who Dared to Be Different.

As featured in

  • BusinessWorld

  • Esquire

  • Manila Bulletin