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Innovation is the key to success anywhere, but “The Creative Innovation Launchpad: Building a culture of innovation” is your guide to getting it right immediately! 

See Innovation Broken Down

From serial techpreneur and business veteran Mario Domingo, “The Creative Innovation Launchpad” turns organizational innovation into a science. By the end of the book, witness as innovation becomes basically second nature to you.

Neural Mechanics Inc. CEO/Founder Mario Domingo is no stranger to the wonders of innovation. What enables Domingo to lend insights to “The Creative Innovation Launchpad” is his wealth of experience working with artificial intelligence, bots, data management, and so much more. 

Read It Because You’ll Be Brilliant

If you are..

A student looking to change the world

A startup founder looking for practical advice on scaling and expanding

A small business owner looking to gain an edge over the competition

A corporate leader looking to go agile 

Then the “The Creative Innovation Launchpad” is a must-have for you!

“Mario Domingo’s approach to this book is as simple as talking to an old friend giving you honest and practical advise.”

-Aaron Cajes, tech blogger

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