About Alison Aguaviva

Alison Aguaviva is an SHS- student at CIIT SHS taking the animation strand. Though she is in the animation track, she never thought of limiting her capabilities. So she is as well-versed in creating digital illustrations and graphic design. She has managed and has been a guest speaker at a seminar named, COPIUM: Expression Through Venta Art. She has experience in being a freelance artist for 2 years.

  • Distinguished artist

    Alison Aguaviva has contributed final art to a published book at Bookshelf PH.

  • Internationally recognized

    Alison Aguaviva's work has been featured in local and global media.

  • Certified bestseller

    Alison Aguaviva's work has been officially recognized as a bestselling book in the Philippines.

Alison Aguaviva's work

Alison Aguaviva has served as the cover artist for A Child of Sorrow, Esperanza, and Doctrina Christiana.

As featured in

  • BusinessWorld

  • Esquire

  • Manila Bulletin