All the Tech News Blogs Your Startup Should Know

All the Tech News Blogs Your Startup Should Know

When it comes to tech in Asia, building a successful tech company is finding resources that will inform you about the latest trends and business strategies in tech, introduce you to upcoming tech startups and entrepreneurs, and encourage you in your entrepreneurial journey.

This is where having a good presence on a tech blog comes in. Written by industry experts, seasoned journalists, and even entrepreneurs, these blogs will provide you easy-to-access information on the latest happenings on the tech world and give you advice on running your business.

In addition to that, getting in the know with the top tech blogs presents a huge opportunity for your company’s growth and exposure. Ideally, being featured, reviewed, or even just mentioned in blogs will give your company visibility not only to potential customers but also to investors and partners.

With the nascent tech ecosystem in Asia, the number of blogs that feature tech companies and products in the region is also on the rise. But which ones are really worth your attention?

The best places to get your tech news

Here are our picks for the top tech blogs you should have at the top of your media wish-list:

Tech Collective Southeast Asia

Tech Collective's logo

Tech Collective is an online resource focusing on technology and startup news, consumer trends, and in-depth profiles exploring both the brands and personalities that impact the region's tech ecosystem. Expect coverage here that will help readers understand not just the phenomenon impacting Southeast Asia's rising startup scene, but also the people who shape it. For anything about Southeast Asian tech, Tech Collective should be your go-to. 


Tech Wire Asia

Composed of top tech writers and bloggers, Tech Wire Asia covers tech news and provides in-depth features and insights on how technology is used to grow startups and other small businesses across Asia. If you’re an innovator, entrepreneur, or just someone who’s passionate about technology, problem solving, and great ideas, you’ll find Tech Wire Asia a valuable resource.

Vulcan Post

With a focus on the major players in the startup boom in Asia, such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, Vulcan Post writes about news in the digital age, features startups and industry leaders, and reviews electronic devices and tech products worthy of your time and money. Techies will love the featured tabs that highlight top news about startups and apps and promote the best tech deals and promos on the market.

Gizmo China

Top Tech Blogs for Startup Entrepreneurs in Asia

Despite being a relatively new website with a small team of writers, Gizmo China has garnered a huge following across China and beyond. It puts the spotlight on the best technology of upcoming smartphone companies and innovative startups that China has to offer. Gizmo China also writes reviews, analysis, and opinion pieces on these technologies.

The Bridge

Launched in 2010 by tech bloggers and entrepreneurs Masaru Ikeda and Takeshi Hirano, The Bridge provides coverage on the latest tech news and trends in the Japanese startup ecosystem. Smart funding strategies, innovative mobile games and apps, game-changing designs, and groundbreaking projects take center stage on The Bridge. A comprehensive list of startup and entrepreneur profiles across Asia can also be found in their website’s database.



TechLila began as a personal blog and then a professional website of serial entrepreneur Rajesh Namase in 2012. Fast forward to now, it has established itself as one of the most popular tech blogs in India. The contributors in TechLila give tips on how to use technology to expand and improve businesses, tutorials, and how-to guides on different digital tools and apps, and in-depth reviews on electronic devices.

Technology Personalized

Top Tech Blogs for Entrepreneurs in Asia

Formerly called Technically Personal, Technology Personalized was founded in 2008 by top Indian web entrepreneur Raju PP. Its content is all about news, tips, reviews, and tutorials on everything tech. TP focuses on making its readers’ lives simpler and easier by providing comprehensive articles on how to use, troubleshoot, and maximize operating systems, apps, platforms, web tools, and gadgets. The website is not only for anyone seeking information on tech, but it is also for entrepreneurs and innovators interested in what the public is looking for and appreciates in tech products. In short, Technology Personalized is for anyone searching for a blog on the best tech solutions.


Founded by PLDT Vice President Carlo Ople in 2011, Unbox is one of the leading tech websites from the Philippines. As a Filipino thought leader and digital entrepreneur, Ople designed Unbox with the “techie friend” principle. Thus, the journalists, techies, geeks, and entrepreneurs writing for the blog present their articles through easy-to-digest, quick-to-read content. They have tips, guides, reviews, commentaries, news announcements, and event coverage on gadgets, cars, games, entertainment, lifestyle, and pop culture. If you’re a budding entrepreneur interested in using tech to make money, Unbox also has guides to help you.

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