The Perfect Glassware to Wow Your Dinner Guests

The Perfect Glassware to Wow Your Dinner Guests

Glassware for Your Dinner Guests

Filipinos are definitely known to go all out when it comes to any occasion. Be it birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries, you know there’s always gonna be a delicious buffet and sparkling beverages on the table. And as for the latter, it’s important to impress your guests with a set of elegant glassware to make every holiday table extra special.

Whether you’re having a dinner party or just some light brunch, alcohol is a must when you’re just trying to wind down after having a full meal with your family. And having the right glass to pour in that expensive wine or strong beer should be a priority, whether you’re preparing for dinner, lunch, or just a casual drinking sesh with the fam. Choosing glasses for your drinks can be complicated and sometimes maybe a little bit “extra”, but no worries, we got you covered!


Rotating Crystal Roulette Glass

 Rotating Crystal Roulette Glass

Rotating Crystal Wine Glass

 Rotating Crystal Wine Glass

Japanese Curve Glass (300ml)

 Japanese Curve Glass

Small and simple crystal lowball glasses are perfect for wine, whiskeys, or even cocktails served with ice. These glasses give out a classy aesthetic, perfect for a relaxed drinking at home with friends and family. 


Japanese Curve Long Glass (350ml)


Double Walled Beer Glass

Double Walled Beer Glass

Tall glasses are best paired with cold drinks such as beers and pilsners. This kind of glassware is better suited for casual parties going for a little bit of stronger alcohol levels. Plus, it’s actually easy to clean and safely stackable, so you could never go wrong with a tall glass when you’re doing a party.


Orange Double Walled Glass (250ml)

Orange Double Walled Glass

Double Walled Glass With Bamboo Spoon And Lid (375ml)

Double Walled Glass With Bamboo Spoon And Lid

Double Walled Glass With Handle (200ml)

Double Walled Glass With Handle

Double Walled Glass with No Handle (250ml)

We may be focusing on alcoholic beverages, but let’s not forget our sober friends and relatives who may just want a clean and fun celebration with their peers. You can have these nice coffee mugs served to them instead, so your guests could enjoy a nice cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Now that you’re all set, you can confidently “wow” your guests with these impressive kinds of glassware and add some extra pizazz when setting up dinner with your family or just a light get-together party with your close friends. 

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