Getting Started with Adobe Digital Editions

Getting Started with Adobe Digital Editions

Getting Adobe Digital Editions in 4 Easy Steps!

Hey there, Booklover! Welcome to the second part of our eBook buying guide. Now that you’ve successfully purchased your eBook, it’s time to set up the application you’ll be reading it with: Adobe Digital Editions.

Adobe Digital Editions is an eBook reader software that can be used online and offline. It’s a multi-purpose software that can read through almost all eBook formats available today. It’s the best software out there for us to use for our books, but you can use it for other things as you see fit as well!

Don’t worry about paying extra for it, though. Adobe Digital Editions is free to use and free to sign-up for! Here’s what you need to do:


1. Before anything, we need you to create an Adobe account. If you don’t have one yet, you can make an account here and use it for other Adobe products as well.



2. Once you have your account ready, you can now download Adobe Digital Editions from the link we sent you in your email, or through their website here. Select the right format of the software to download fit for your device—don’t worry, this works on all operating systems!



3. Wait for your download to finish and then set up the installer afterwards. Give the software some time to install and provide the necessary permissions it might ask of you.



4. Once the installation process is finished, run the software on your device. Adobe Digital Editions will ask for your Adobe username and password on start-up and will ask you to authorize your device. Click “Authorize” and ta-da! You’ve successfully set up Adobe Digital Editions! 

Now, it’s time to piece it all together, and finally read our eBooks.

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