Two Questions to Ask Yourself when You’re Feeling Stuck

Two Questions to Ask Yourself when You’re Feeling Stuck

Wallowing in self-pity often gets the best of us. On our worst days, the thoughts in our heads can spiral out of control, and we find ourselves indulging in our most negative thoughts. For author Gresson Peiffer, life may be difficult, but it should not always be lived in suffering mode. In her book, Sharing My Light and Healing Energy: Journey to True Self, Peiffer shares some of her best learnings to help and inspire anyone who may feel like life is one giant quicksand right now, ready to swallow you in. 

Peiffer poses two important questions in the chapter, Follow the Spark in your Heart, to guide us from chaos. 

Does this path make me feel alive and fulfilled?

Whenever life seems out of control, Gresson Peiffer finds stability by looking inwards and asking herself the first question. Doubt is a natural feeling that creeps inside our minds occasionally. It makes us worry whether we’re on the right path or not. But through self-reflection, we can obtain an enlightened perspective that can point us to the answer we need now. According to Peiffer, if you answered Yes to the question, then you should keep going forward because you are walking the path meant for you. It may be riddled with hardships and unexpected surprises, but trudge ahead if it sparks joy and meaning in your life! 

On the other hand, if your answer is No, Peiffer advises you to make adjustments in your life so you can get back on the right track. But it will not be easy. Once you acknowledge that a path no longer serves you, the idea of change can be overwhelming. Peiffer is no stranger to feelings of fear. Still, she rises above her negative thoughts to reclaim her authentic self. 

She writes, “There were times my heart felt empty or conflicted. That’s when I knew something had to change.” 

If you’re still having difficulty letting go of your inhibitions, the second question is perfect for you. 

Why am I scared to face my wounds and scars? 

Peiffer answers this question with a beautiful metaphor. She says,  “It was because they were shining too bright.” When a brilliant light shines, we are temporarily blinded because the brightness is too much for our eyes. The same can be said of our pains. The bruises we have within us have unknown depths. Facing them can make us feel overwhelmed or fearful simply because the weight feels too much. But if there’s one thing Peiffer has learned, it’s that a bright light is also a signal, calling our attention to the hurts that are waiting to be healed. Once we acknowledge the presence of these pains, we can slowly begin our journey to healing. 

There is no specific time frame that determines our individual paths to recovery. Life is not one swift dash to the finish line. By slowing down and finding a steady rhythm within one’s self, we may experience, as Peiffer has, fulfillment in our daily lives.


Blog by Isabel Torres

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