The Sun Will Rise For You Again: A Blog to Gresson Peiffer’s Sharing My Light & Healing Energy: Journey to True Self

The Sun Will Rise For You Again: A Blog to Gresson Peiffer’s Sharing My Light & Healing Energy: Journey to True Self

Have you ever heard someone say “there’s more to life” when you feel stuck in a situation? When you’re lonely or losing motivation towards something, we often hear from people advising us to just get out there and discover that the pain and loneliness we feel is not the end of the road and there is so much better that awaits us.

Well, they are right. But most of the time, we forget to bring something when we get out there.

It’s ourselves. Our very being. The one that is often hidden, like a part of the moon. Or, what we call our souls.

The book Sharing My Light & Healing Energy: Journey to True Self by Gresson Peiffer takes readers to a place so familiar in their hearts that feels like home. Gresson’s book is an eye-opener for readers who want to find their way back to their true selves. Her experiences dealing with trauma, feeling lost with her life’s purpose and healing her inner child teach us the importance of resilience, self-acceptance, and forgiveness in creating peace within ourselves and living a fulfilled life. 

“If you focus on what you don't have you will end up wanting more. But once you start to act like you have everything you ever need, then you will receive abundance.”

In the first part of the book, she reminded readers that the road to healing is never easy, especially when we forget what’s really important. When we heal, we tend to focus on what is lacking instead of appreciating what we already have and growing from within. 

“The only way to get out is to find that tiny spark that is hidden amongst the chaos.”

There are times when we feel we are in a slump and it can be from a lot of things like work, relationships, or past experiences that we can’t forget. Some people tend to do different habits just to ease the pain or they do their best to move on but never reach redemption. Little did we know, the solution has been with us all along. It is hidden among us, surrounded by our dark past and painful memories, like a sea of gray clouds. The answer is not always about doing something more to heal, it is to identify what is already within us and re-ignite it. That way, we can come back stronger. 

Peiffer wrote, “I asked myself why was l scared to face my wounds and scars? It was because they were shining too bright. Little did l know they were only waiting to be healed. That was the light at the end of the tunnel, nothing to be afraid of.” 

Let’s face the facts: The only person who can help you is you. We have to accept that even if there are many people who offer to give us aid, the only way we can heal is if we actually help ourselves. Sometimes no one will even lend you a hand. 

Nothing will work if you don’t allow yourself to get the treatment you deserve. More importantly, this treatment won’t come from other people either. Why? Because if you treat people as your medication and grow dependent on them, you will only survive but will never live. We must not expect people to help us all the time. We must be independent and understand that in order to become better versions of ourselves, we must first be responsible for ourselves. Just like what Peiffer also wrote, “It's your responsibility to take care of yourself and heal yourself, so that you can finally return to a happy and fulfilling life. Whatever you are lacking, just give it to yourself. don't wait for anybody else.”

As Gresson Peiffer shared her life journey and experience, she opened up about feeling pressured in life coming from different aspects. But while she learned the importance of reconnecting with her true self, she learned that everything happens on its own course and that she doesn’t have to be so hard on herself. She shared with readers that everything happens for a reason and we can all overcome it. The journey is hard but there is nothing this universe gave to us that we cannot handle. 


“Some things take more time to unfold and blossom into something more stable.”


When we finally choose to heal and become better, the changes start from inside of us. It is a lot to process and it can take time but there is no need to rush. Each of us has our own timeline, therefore we shouldn’t feel pressured by everything that surrounds us. We must learn to be patient and focus on what’s really important. 

Sharing My Light & Healing Energy: Journey to True Self has become a guide for its readers in finding not only their true selves but true happiness, happiness that comes from within. 

Happiness is merely just an emotion. It is a responsibility and sometimes a learning curve. Life can become so tricky at times that we forget that being happy is a choice and we can start to be as long as we never leave ourselves behind. We are here in this world not to only suffer but we are here to learn what the universe has for us so that we can discover our purpose in life. 

As Peiffer wrote, “I was here to be happy”. We should start remembering that because once we do, we will never forget what we deserve to have and that can be the best gift we can ever have for ourselves.

Blog by Micah Luy

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