Gresson Peiffer and Her Journey to Self-Acceptance

Gresson Peiffer and Her Journey to Self-Acceptance

Admit it or not, we have a toxic trait of pinpointing our flaws, resulting in low self-esteem and an urge to fix ourselves as soon as possible. The lack of self-acceptance makes it harder for us to gain confidence in ourselves because we have already established that we aren’t enough as our mindset. This keeps us from reaching our full potential because we remain stagnant at the bottom of the barrel. But to rise against the currents of our thoughts, how do we achieve self-acceptance?

Belgium-based half-Filipina author Gresson Peiffer has previously talked about the obstacles that she has faced to achieve peace and self-acceptance in her book, “Sharing My Light and Healing Energy: Journey to True Self.” In her guesting on a podcast called The Big Opening with Christian Foremost, Peiffer zones in from the start, starting from recognizing her inner child and learning how to heal it.

She describes her childhood as unpleasant, stating that her father was always angry at her for being an intense child. She carried the unfortunate experience until she grew up, where she experienced racism and discrimination while living in Belgium. These are the kind of things that hurt our well-being, especially our inner child persona that wants to have a pleasant life ahead.

Because of our unpleasant experiences, Peiffer says that we suppress our wounds until we are unhappy with our life, affecting our inner child in the process.  We scab out our wounds, and in time, it gets so hard for them to heal fully. In difficult times, we want to love and be loved. However, how can we love other people when we can’t fully grasp the concept of self-love?

Peiffer states that for us to have the capability to love and heal others, we need to learn how to heal ourselves first. Healing ourselves takes time. But once you overcome the obstacles, you will feel in your core energy that you are ready to open yourself to your surroundings again. We will start anew with a clean slate, with a relief that we have traveled far to grow into a better version of ourselves.

Gresson Peiffer wrote her first book during her healing journey; the words she wrote were from the raw emotions she once felt. She made us think we were a part of her journey of self-discovery. In fact, we learned a lot from her personal experiences in life. She taught us that the only person to teach you how to be yourself is you, and once you have reflected on your own, you will slowly welcome the concept of self-acceptance, bringing you to better heights in the future. 

“I hope we all love the people in the mirror staring back at us. Be patient and understanding of yourself. Nobody’s perfect. Know that you’re human with flaws, and it’s okay to make mistakes. Right now, you’re doing great!” Foremost adds on their podcast episode with Peiffer, which would be something people who are having a hard time would like to hear from other people.

The journey to self-acceptance may not be easy, but once you have gone far to look back from the past, you’ll earn a pat on your back for the hard work you’ve done to get through all of the obstacles life throws at you. And it’ll be worth it.

You can listen to the podcast episode featuring Gresson Peiffer here and visit for more podcasts and content like this. To purchase Gresson Peiffer’s debut book “Sharing My Light and Healing Energy: Journey to True Self, " head to to order one.

Blog by Shan Avrey Minglana

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