UNICOM to Host Online Blockchain Forum for Businesses Moving Into the New Normal

UNICOM to Host Online Blockchain Forum for Businesses Moving Into the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic put the world on hold — many industries have been immobilized and people have been restricted from moving freely like they used to. It brought forth not only a health crisis but economic uncertainty as well. In times like this, businesses are forced to pivot their operations and strategies to adjust during this difficult time. It has also made technology, such as blockchain, more important than ever.

To help businesses adapt to the new normal, UNICOM, a B2B2C platform industry that organizes webinars, contests and conferences, will launch a four-hour online forum called Blockchain Forum: The Roadmap and Opportunities Ahead on July 22, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. IST. 

The event aims to provide business owners with information on how they can use and integrate blockchain business models into their own companies. The forum also intends to expose delegates to the basic principles of the blockchain model and how it can make a difference in their work life. 

The online forum will include presentations by six blockchain experts: Blockchain Alliance Europe president Tanja Bivic, Unocoin Technologies Private Limited founder Sathvik Vishwanath, Italia4Blockchain national council delegate Franco Giacomozzi, The British Blockchain Association president Dr. Naseem Naqvi, TeamBlockchain CEO Jonny Fry, and  IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy president Dr. Mihaela Ulieru.

It will also be highly interactive as delegates will be given the chance to interact with each other and the panelists through discussions and an one open forum moderated by Dr. Mihaela Ulieru, Q&A, networking. 

Other topics that will be discussed in the virtual event are blockchain as a payment system, the possibility of mass adoption, and the disruption caused by the technology. 

Notable media partners include, Ambidextr, Financial IT,Savvy Investors,CoinPedia,Blockchain Events,Cryptoverze, The British Blockchain Association, and CryptoNewsZ. 

Those who are interested can register and order a ticket for USD$15 through the main event page

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