The Virtual MarTech Exchange Summit: Breeding Innovation In A Crisis

The Virtual MarTech Exchange Summit: Breeding Innovation In A Crisis

The world is ever-changing, evident by the pandemic that’s challenged individuals and organizations alike. However, crisis breeds innovation, new opportunities are available to those who are willing to capitalize on them, and with the digital revolution continually being pushed further as a result of this, brands and advertisers are forced to modify long-term plans and become even more flexible and versatile than before.

This is where the upcoming MarTech Exchange Summit comes in, aiming to bring the best and brightest in marketing technology from a multitude of different industries. Organized by event-management company BEETc, the MarTech Exchange Summit tackles the complexities of the digital world, prioritizing new technologies and how to guarantee a seamless customer experience in the new normal. The Virtual MarTech Exchange Summit will be held on December 8th, 2020, 12:15 P.M. – 17:15 P.M. Singapore Standard Time, and complimentary tickets are available here.

The virtual summit will cover an array of different major topics in the industry, such as artificial intelligence and data, digital content personalization, customer experience design and strategy, digital transformation and engagement. There are an estimated 800+ attendees from all over the globe and 20+ speakers coming from top industries such as IBM, Lenovo, and CITI. This one-of-a-kind event promises to deliver engaging discussions, valuable insights, and an opportunity to learn more from the industry’s bests.

As we’ve seen before with the first Virtual Summit back in June, there’s no reason for innovation to stop during a crisis. The MarTech Exchange Summit represents one step in the mission to ensure that innovation is a never-ending process.

It’s crucial, especially in today’s global situation, that leaders and marketers are adequately equipped with essential tools, skills, and strategies to overcome any obstacle and enhance every level of their business.

What is the MarTech Exchange?

The MarTech Exchange is a virtual summit that aims to assemble the best minds in marketing technology across many different industries. It focuses on four main themes, which are, content marketing strategy, digital transformation, data-driven marketing, and customer experience & engagement. The MarTech Exchange Summit takes place online and covers traditional topics as well like social media and customer-centric strategies, to more complex discussions like the impact of artificial intelligence in chatbots and adaptation of data analytics & machine learning.

About BEETc

BEETc specializes in bringing together senior-level thought-leadership conferences, internationally. The company also produces bespoke events according to a company’s budget and needs, from market research, event production, multi-channel marketing, sales, strategic partnerships to venue and logistics, as well as onsite running and post-event management. BEETc is well-equipped to run an entire from start to finish to help you find the last piece of the missing puzzle.

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