The Possibilities Show: The Podcast to Motivate

The Possibilities Show: The Podcast to Motivate

Jovan Medrano has been hosting The Possibilities Show since May 2019, which marked its second season last March 2020. In his career as an entrepreneur, he’s been acquainted with failure multiple times, but always found the will to recover. He is a life design coach and trainer who advocates for personal development above anything else, striving to make a difference in people’s lives. With this, it’s easy for listeners to perceive the podcast as an aid to their success journeys, and that really is the purpose of Medrano’s venture.

The Possibilities

Medrano named his show by taking inspiration from the definition of possibilities per se. He linked it to the words “potential,” “promising nature,” and “able to be done.” During his low points, Medrano always found the reason to push on by evaluating the possibilities he was still open to, or in his own words, “What else can I do? What else was possible?”

One of Medrano’s convictions is to uplift those who are overwhelmed by fear. In his own words, “I want to make people realize that life can’t be just limited to what they are experiencing now; that they can experience more and create more possibilities in their lives.” As such, Medrano aims to inspire people by sharing the stories of how others went through their personal struggles.

The Possibilities Show is a podcast about inspiration and possibilities. It’s about the amazing stories of people who encountered and overcame many difficulties in life. There are also those in the extreme who managed to change their circumstances, even if the odds made it seem impossible. The people Medrano features are like the average you and me. They come from different parts of the world―from Australia, the Philippines, Switzerland, and the United States.

The podcast leads me to recall a quote from a past Philosophy teacher of mine: “The meaning you make from the world—from what is given—is not given.” It shows how everyone is unique in their own way, and that we have a certain degree of autonomy in the modern world. We are open to infinite possibilities.

The People

Medrano has featured quite a diverse group of professionals in his podcast, including some entrepreneurs, coaches, traders, investors, a singer, speakers, a film director/producer, an ultra marathon runner, a homeschooling mother, authors and many more. One example is Jim Chiew, who was a former game designer and now co founder and  Trading Headhunter of eAPPs, an online investing platform. Another is Nerissa Picadizo, a film director and producer for 20 years. By walking his listeners through their lives, he hopes for them to be able to relate to these people, and their dreams and accomplishments in life. Another takeaway for the podcast’s listeners is for them to learn some tips and strategies that they can execute themselves, in the hopes of being empowered with the same courage to follow through.

The Venture

For already more than one year to date, Medrano himself is still continuously learning from the inspiring accounts of the people he interviews. He deems these lessons to be priceless, and hopes that his listeners may carry the same sentiments after tuning into his episodes.

One thing for sure is that this podcast is well-suited to anyone from any background, most especially for those looking for some golden moment that could liberate or help them through strife.

Indeed, the possibilities are endless. You can listen to The Possibilities Show on a number of platforms: Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Instagram, and his Facebook page. To learn more about Medrano’s profession as a life design coach, you may also visit his website.


Written by Ervin Delas Peñas

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