The Creator Life: Taking a Peek Behind the Creations

The Creator Life: Taking a Peek Behind the Creations

“A podcast that makes sense of how different creators live. They could be content creators, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, or anyone that creates meaningful stuff,” is the defining statement of The Creator Life podcast. Truly, every episode dives deeper into the lifestyles of numerous creators while revealing their goals and motivations that inspire them to do what they do. It can be said that this podcast is very diverse and highlights every unique guest’s experiences, their bio really tells all.

The Creator Life discusses the everyday life and learnings of startup founders, entrepreneurs, and designers. The podcast is hosted by Jullian Sibi, who has long wanted to start a podcast about what runs in the mind of the content creators that are not being given the spotlight to share their ideas. The Creator Life was the product of his long-held curiosity about this matter. He released the first episode of The Creator Life in August 2018 and has since released 97 episodes for the past two years. Talk about dedication! A couple of its guests include the owner of a charity called Heartcry Philippines, one of the people behind Google Business Group Cebu, and a YouTube content creator that teaches about finance. Curious? Stay tuned to learn more.

In The Creator Life’s latest episode to wrap up their third season, Sibi invites Maven of the Maven and Money YouTube channel to talk about her content and how it helps viewers with their personal finances. “I am currently doing a personal finance course, a free step-by-step course on how to prepare for a better 2021 financially,” Maven mentions that helping people get back on track with their finances is her motivation in starting her YouTube Channel. With all the channels out there about lifestyle, entertainment, and the like; hers is definitely a unique and useful one to follow. Looking back at her journey, Maven mentions how her past experience in vlogging since 2015, as well as the boredom she experienced during quarantine was what made her start Maven and Money. “It used to be about being a corporate slave and climbing up that ladder, but this year I wanted the channel to focus more on finance because I think the pandemic also made us more aware of how to manage money properly.” Throughout the years, Maven’s content has evolved and still is. It can be said that the pandemic was her main inspiration in talking about finance, as well as how it has affected so many people. Indeed, the intentions behind this channel are admirable.

As seen in the latest episode of The Creator Life, the guests featured in the podcast usually have goals to continue creating as well as advocacies they wish to fulfill through their endeavors. With this being said, The Creator Life aims to be a platform where dreamers can share their innovations to the audience with the hopes that it can inspire them. The podcast goes in depth about the journey of the creators leading up to where they are now, as well as what they aim to achieve with their creations. Besides the episode mentioned above, this podcast is full of inspiring stories from other guests.

Another example of an encouraging tale by a creator is seen in Episode 96 of the podcast. Sibi invites Monica Tawide, who is the founder of Heartcry Philippines. It is a charity that exists to demonstrate love and compassion through acts of service. In addition to this, Tawide also hosts a podcast in YouTube that analyzes pop culture, internet culture, and current affairs. Now that is what we call a jack of all trades! “How I started was when I read about this news article regarding students selling their nudes just to have enough money to pay for their education, and that was really hard for me,” Tawide shared what she felt to her best friend, telling her how much she wanted to help these students out. “Hey, I have this second hand tablet we could give to a student.” Seeing the messages they received from struggling students was how it all started for Heartcry Philippines that Tawide started alongside her mom. This really shows us how much little acts of kindness matter especially during these trying times. As for Tawide’s podcast, she airs an episode biweekly and exhibits her love for culture and recent events through her conversation with Sibi in this episode. From mental health to politics, she is well-versed in the current happenings. Now, she is the definition of a person who is not afraid to stand for what they believe in.

One more inspiring story is heard in Episode 95 of The Creator Life, with Sibi inviting Gee Quidet, the sales executive of Symph which is a growing tech company; as well as being one of the people behind Google Business Group Cebu. They tackle how Quidet feels working in a tech company without having any tech background, how one’s surroundings can improve your learning experience, and how going digital is crucial in the new normal. Overall, the two talk about Quidet’s journey to arrive where she is today. “This is not where I envisioned myself to be 5 years ago, but it is amazing how things come when you allow your dreams and plans to change its form as you go along as well as to serve its purpose,” said Quidet. She mentioned how during college she wanted to improve her marketing skills, so her professor recommended her to be an intern for Symph. When she did her research on this company, she did not want to consider other options anymore because she loved what she saw in Symph. So despite not having much background in their expertise, she went for what she believed was for her. “Once I was hired, I was tasked to do sales, marketing, as well as to build a site for the clients that we have for the company’s startup. I had to learn the basics, I was the only one in the team so I had to sell, market, and deliver the product to the client.” In this statement, Quidet emphasizes the importance of being teachable and open to learning new things and being part of new experiences. It really is true what they say, “The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Listening to these episodes, they really show how The Creator Life is perfect for people who are open to new learnings, as well as the idealists out there who want to make their creations come to life. The series is all about giving attention to creators who have not become mainstream yet and providing them a platform to share and inspire. This podcast is sure to give you great insights and tips for your future endeavors! For the dreamers out there, stop whatever you are doing and give this podcast a listen. You will not be disappointed!
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Written by Beatrice Santillan

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