The AI & Robotics and CX Tech Conference Expo

The AI & Robotics and CX Tech Conference Expo

London, United Kingdom – AI technologies are reshaping our future. It’s up to us to determine whether they enhance our lives or diminish them. On October 31, 2019, some of the most respected minds in AI, business change and technology/human interaction will come together to put the case for a positive AI-enabled future. 

They’ll consider how AI could impact the business operations, world economies and human life for good or ill and, eschewing doom-laden prophecies and idealized dreams, investigate what we can do to ensure technology remains humanity’s life-enhancing servant – not it’s master.

Happening at London, etc Venues, 200 Aldersgate London EC1A 4HD, this event promises to be the biggest conference that the organizers will ever run, with six parallel streams including talks, discussion panels, case studies, and workshops and spotlights, together with an Expo Showcase of some of the best companies in the field of AI & CX.

This event is suitable for technical leaders and senior-level business professionals involved in making key decisions about their organization’s transformation to the new age of automation; how it’s designed, how it’s delivered and how its impact is understood. Here are some of the highlights:

The Conference: You’ll find the following streams and topics included with over 50 speakers:

  • AI Technical
  • CX Tech Customer Experience & Business Applications
  • AI People & Process
  • AI Challenges
  • Ethics and Governance
  • Deep Learning, Tools & Frameworks
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • AI Startup Spotlight
  • Sponsor Showcase and much more.

The Expo Showcase: You’ll find some of the best AI and CX companies demonstrating their technologies and products, including SAP, Creative Virtual, IMC and Informed AI.

The AI Startup Showcase: There will also be an AI Startup spotlight from some of the best AI universities in the UK.

The AI Awards: We will be announcing the winners of the 4th Annual Achievement Awards for AI at the Conference followed by a drinks reception.


We have some amazing Industry leaders chairing the various streams, including:  


Chair of AI & Robotics: Anton Fishman, Managing Director, Fishman and Partners, Chair of AI & Robotics

Anton is a change management specialist with more than 30 years’ experience working with senior executives across industry sectors to determine the direction of change and steer its success. He advises HR and other senior executives on the cultural and workplace impacts of new technology.


Chair of CX Tech: Martin Hill-Wilson, Customer Service, CX & AI Engagement Strategist

Martin is a Customer Service, CX & AI Engagement strategist and facilitator. He provides keynotes, masterclasses and transformation frameworks on omnichannel contact strategy, customer-based quality management, emotion management for customer engagement and AI-driven customer service.


And some of our confirmed speakers include:

  • Moritz Zimmerman from SAP
  • Ross Thornley from Adapt AI
  • Liam Ryan from Creative Virtual
  • Julian Burnett from IBM
  • James Sanberg from Customer Devoted
  • Katie Gibbs from BJSS
  • Abhijit Akerkar from Lloyds Banking Group
  • Karl Barnfather from Withers and Rogers
  • Rob McCargow from PWC
  • and many more confirming every day! See AIR.Events for full agenda.

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