TalkLine Podcast: The Place to Let It All Out

TalkLine Podcast: The Place to Let It All Out

Have you always wanted to listen to a podcast that feels like you are talking to your friends about your problems, and they open up to you as well? Have you ever wanted to hear someone talk about a problem that they struggle with and have the courage to share? If yes, TalkLine Podcast is one that you should listen to!

TalkLine Podcast is a podcast series that talks about life, love, work, relationships, problems, and passions about the Filipino lives. The aim of the podcast is to bring vibes similar to a Filipino barkada kwentuhan, filled with many stories and words. The main host, Dru Franco, a youth pastor, discusses these various topics by inviting the public to share their stories for everyone to hear. 

The podcast is divided into three different stations, TalkLine Confessions with Dru Franco, wherein guests share their experience, Dru Franco Talks which is a podcast station wherein he discusses with invited guests about their insights on a specific topic, and the Franco Franky Show, wherein Dru Franco and Franky talk about various topics.

The first episode was released on July 2, under the Talkline Confessions series, and episodes are released 5 to 15 days within each other, with no specific chronological way of which series format would be published. Each one would usually last from one hour to one hour and 45 minutes. As of writing, under the whole Talkline Podcast, there are a total of 24 episodes published, from topics that discuss the past, love, struggles of life, to even arm wrestling. 

Upon listening to a few episodes, Dru Franco makes his sharers and co-hosts comfortable with him, occasionally inserting jokes in between or just goes straight to the topic, depending on which episode the viewers watch. It makes for an interactive yet interesting podcast. 

We gave the main host of the show, Dru Franco, a few questions regarding the podcast. 

Who or what inspired and motivated you to create this podcast? 

“Personally I’m a Youth Pastor in our church, and I’ve counseled a lot of young people, helping them in their problems and struggles with relationships and personal issues. This podcast started during the quarantine, and what greatly motivated me is my passion to help other people about their problems because we all know mental health is a serious problem in our lives today. That’s why I started a podcast that allows people to have someone to talk to, sharing their problems, venting out their emotional pains. I’m just there to listen and give them advice. Lately i’ve added talks about random topics.”

What message would you like to convey to those listening? 

“I want them to know that there is someone who wants to listen to them without judgements, where they can be themselves. I want them to know that there is Hope for a change, it’s not the end, there is Hope in God. I want them to realize the value of communication in our life today.  Just having someone to talk to is priceless.”

What is your dream for this podcast?

“This started as a passion project, I find it therapeutic special during this quarantine. As long as I can help people, I’ll keep this podcast going. I want to reach more people who want to have a talk with me about different walks of life. I want to be known as the most talkative podcast. That’s why it’s called Talkline because it gives the audience a different line up of conversation.”

As time passes by, Dru Franco created this podcast to help out everyone with the problems they face with his experience as being a Youth Pastor, and with his willingness to reach out to others, through this podcast, many people got to share their insights and stories of their life, allowing for the speakers to have an outlet to their problems. Dru also wants people to have Faith and Hope in God, and there is always a Talkline for people to share their problems with, as Dru will be there for them. 

To those who may be interested in listening, here are some words from him:

“Communication is life. Without communication one wouldn’t survive, Silence and isolation can kill you. we have been created as social beings, that’s why to be connected with each other makes us more alive rather than just existing. Remember life is more meaningful when you are connected to others.”

Communication is vital for people to understand each other’s feelings and emotions, and being connected to everyone can help your health. In a time wherein all feel isolated and struggle under the pressure of academic or work deadlines, to earn money, to manage physical, mental, and emotional health, it is important to reach out to those around. But in a situation that you may not be able to, Talkline Podcast may give you the words you need to hear right now, in Episode 21 entitled “I Will Survive: Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety”, which is an episode I strongly recommend for everyone to listen to.

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Visual by: Chloe Gaw

Written by Brian De Ocampo

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