In this modern age, we believe that women are just as good as the opposite gender in doing tasks or even better at it than men. With that in mind, SHEHACKS was born. SHEHACKS is an all-female and non-binary hackathon. A hackathon is basically a design event in which computer programmers, software developers, graphic designers, and others collaborate to come up with finished software project at the end of the event. The event’s goal is for inclusivity and more diversity in the male-dominated tech industry. The world now needs the next generation of future female role models to not be intimidated by this industry and start pursuing and developing their careers in technology to become leaders and innovators. 

The group of students at UWCSEA organized SHEHACKS in order to bridge the gender gap in the computer science field because they felt the need to open up more opportunities for the future generation of women. The event aims to inspire and encourage young females to explore more the opportunities that the tech field has to offer. SHEHACKS is an event that intends to organize a hackathon for girls aged 11-18 across the region (Singapore, South East Asia). 

This will take place virtually on February 20-21 and the exact timings will be emailed to those who sign up for the event on the forms below. 

Sign up through this link 

Judges sign up:

Mentor sign up:

You can also visit @girlsintechuwc for updates.

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