Seswangs, Seswangs, You’re My Seswangs!

Seswangs, Seswangs, You’re My Seswangs!

Have you ever come across a Thought Catalogue feature and just seriously resonated to it? Wanted true advice from people who have experienced such life obstacles? Look no further! Seswangs! has your back!

Hosted by Arvy, Juana, Megan, and Jessi – “maki-hanash; maki-alam.” A group of friends who sit down and discuss various topics like personal failures, successes, culture, relationships, and so on. These four friends provide such diverse inputs and experiences because of their backgrounds. They come from ecommerce, film, editing, and the general arts backgrounds, and apply what they have learned through these fields to the different topics they discuss.

As of September 30, Seswangs! has shared 12 episodes for their Podcast. Their first episode titled, “On Bad Decisions and Regrets,” sees the group reminiscing on various life decisions they have made.

One of the hosts shares, “Bad decisions equals regrets. It is a part of coming of age.” There is no denying that in life, we make mistakes. We are human – that’s just how human nature works. Every single day we make decisions; for our careers, relationships, activities, and most importantly, for ourselves. If there was a formula to “get it right” every single time, life would be so perfect. Thing is, wouldn’t that be dull? Mistakes and bad decisions make life exciting. I’m not saying that we should be making bad decisions, but they definitely give us new perspectives. Bad decisions lead us to becoming stronger – they give us a reason to keep going and push even harder.

Seswangs reminds us of this. They tell us, “You can’t change the past. What matters is that you take the time to improve – to take the time to improve yourself.” To be disciplined, to be grounded. They remind us not to dwell on our bad decisions, rather, we should be accountable and learn from them.

More than this, Seswangs encourages us to be mindful of the people around us. Every person has their own stories to tell. For us to be engaging in our relationships, we should take the time to listen and so, we gain important learnings even if we have not experienced them ourselves.

I really enjoyed this episode because I would always dwell on my past  dwell on the things that made me wish I made better choices. After hearing the podcast, I became grateful. Because all my decisions, whether good or bad, have led me to where I am today, and I’m pretty happy to be me.

Another one of their episodes touches on this. Episode 5: On Childhood Dreams, the Seswangs Squad immerses in career goals and aspirations. I really resonated with this podcast. Arvy, Juana, and Megan talked about their interests from elementary school, high school, college, and to actually being in the workforce. It’s so interesting to hear how others got influenced to carry out their own career goals. It varies from person to person.

You take into consideration things you are good at like writing and drawing, you also consider what others tell you to take. Family members, teachers, friends, and other peers have influence in choosing what you want to do. More than this, you also think about the things that make your heart flutter. 

Sometimes society and previous generations have an effect on us. They shared that at their time, nursing was the popular choice but, what they wanted to do was different. They chose to pursue communications, writing, and film editing – following their interests and overall, being happy about it.

Personally, I’ve gone through a lot of stages in my life where I wonder, “Is this really what I want to be doing?” “Am I on the right path?” “What if I don’t want to do this in the future?” I feel like there is so much pressure in making the right choice. In picking a course or job that you need to be stuck doing for the rest of your life. Having that mindset has made a lot of people feel very critical about every single thing they do leading up to their first job. 

Hearing the stories and experiences from Seswangs, they give us a “reality check” that we are given time to explore. There is no time limit to decide on what we want to be and who we want to become. You can look into success stories of people and see that there are many out there who have a college degree in something completely unrelated to what it is they are doing today.

We are given endless opportunities to test out what our interests are, and where our passions lie. Especially with the digital era, resources are everywhere! You can take online courses, watch videos, listen to speakers, read articles and conduct research to discover more about yourself and what it is you want to do.

The career world nowadays is so diverse. You can do anything you want to do and not be confined by what society wants you to do. Seswangs teaches us it is not bad to dream; it’s never bad to dream big things.

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if things might not go your way. Life is a process. Full of challenges and triumphs, we need to remain patient and let life take its course. In the meantime, do what makes you happy. “Dream it so it can make you stronger in life. That simple” Host, Arvy shares.

It’s so nice to hear these types of kwento sessions because it provides a platform to make you feel like someone else out there gets me. Seswangs tackles different issues that we may be too afraid to talk about but definitely feel.

Seswangs is going to be your new advice column in life. Every episode is bound to be a good time; full of life learnings.

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Written by Samantha Anciano

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